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4 Empowering Reasons to Treat Yourself to Sexy Underwear

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The power of sexy underwear is often overlooked and misunderstood. We perceive underwear and sexiness as something to be flaunted for someone elseand while it certainly can be, we think it’s important to embrace the self-love side of sexy undies.

In honor of that, we've listed out four ways that an investment in sexy underwear can empower and motivate you.


  1.     You’re in charge

When you define your own confidence, no one can take it away from you. A confident woman doesn't need to wait around for someone else to buy her a gift or tell her she's pretty; she can buy herself a gift and tell herself that she's pretty. Choosing to treat yourself to a gift bought with your hard-earned money is an active decision to invest in yourself.

Take matters into your own hands to look and feel the way that you want tonot because someone else told you to, or because someone else wants to you look or feel a certain way, but for you and you alone. So be your own boss, pick out your favorite pair of sexy undies, and rock ‘em for yourself.

  1.     It’s a self-love pick-me-up

We all have bad days. We all look in the mirror sometimes and are less than thrilled with what we see. We all struggle with insecurities, whether mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical.

A quick and easy way to show yourself some love is by splurging on something that will make you look and feel amazing. While sexy underwear is no long-term solution for your struggles (if only it were that easy!), you just can’t go wrong with a confidence booster like this.

  1.     Little secrets keep life interesting

Who doesn’t love a good, juicy secret? And who doesn’t love sexy underwear? It only makes sense to combine the two into one big, beautiful, sexy secret.

It’s up to you whether you’d rather keep that secret to yourself – a nice little reminder of what a vixen you are – or share it with someone who deserves to see for themselves that true vixen form. Whether you give yourself a little wink in the mirror or share a knowing glance across the table at a romantic dinner, you’re guaranteed to keep things interesting with that lacy little secret of yours.

  1.     Look good, feel good, be good

It’s science. Well, maybe not quite...but it’s true that no one can deny the power of a good hair day or a perfect outfit. The way you look often translates to the way you feel, and vice versa; if you’re feeling down, you’re less likely to put time and effort into doing your makeup or picking out a cute outfit. But when you power through the blues and dress to impress, your mood can shift for the better. And we all know that your favorite outfit starts with your favorite undies.


When you look good, you feel good. It’s as simple as that. And when you look good and feel good, you want other people to look good and feel good too. When you genuinely love yourself, you are able to love others better. Self-empowerment goes hand-in-hand with empowering others, and we can’t think of a better reason for sexy underwear than that.


Words By: Katey L.

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