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Ahead of the Curve: Best Underwear for Your Body Type

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The truth is, everyone looks good in underwear. Still, it can be an overwhelming thing to shop for, especially when the models you see wearing the undies you want to buy look nothing like you.

Every woman has a unique body, unique style, and unique needs when it comes to underwear. Maybe you’ve been buying the same undies for as long as you can remember; maybe you’ve noticed new and different styles but haven’t quite gotten up the courage or willpower to try them out; or maybe you’ve just never put much thought about which underwear you buy at all.

Still, whether you’re looking to branch out, make a statement, or just learn a thing or two, we’ve got some tips so you can be sure to rock the look you love most.

How and when to wear a thong:

Once up a time, thongs were tabooreserved for super sexy flings and more unmentionable nightlife scenes, and a bit too risqué for the average lady. Thankfully those days have passed, and thongs can be enjoyed by all.

If you don’t need extra booty support or just like to feel a bit more free, a good thong will look and feel invisible under jeans, slacks, leggings, or yoga pants. And they are, of course, always a sexy choice if you want to show off that caboose just the way it is.

How and when to wear briefs:

The most tried and true undie style: briefs. If you have an hourglass or a pear-shaped figure, high-rise briefs are a flattering look that will accentuate your curves and hug all the right places.

Some styles even come with built tummy panels, for a little extra sculpting. If you’re on the slimmer side, a high-rise brief can create that hourglass figure for you, and any high-rise cut elongates your legs without having to cram your feet into a pair of heels. A low or mid-cut brief is an excellent go-to for any body type, as they are the simplest style that, in their most basic form, won’t accentuate or downplay too much.

How and when to wear boy shorts:

We are so glad that someone along the line thought women deserved to have underwear as comfy as "boys," because they just might be our favorite lounging essential.

Boy shorts do wonders for a pear-shaped body type, letting you flaunt those buns and thighs like they were meant to be. They’re also a solid choice for both slimmer and curvier body types, because they have a bit more coverage than most other styles and they’re pretty much just like your favorite, most comfy pair of pajama shorts. What’s not to love?

How and when to wear cheekies:

Cheeky underwear will play up exactly what it sounds like; the cheeks. If you’ve got a flat booty that you’re looking to give a little extra oomph, a pair of cheeky underwear is a great choice. That little peek will give you a little extra something to work with. On the flip side, if you have a little more going on in the behind department, cheekies will maximize what you’ve got. If you’re looking to accentuate your booty, however big or small, cheeky undies will not disappoint.


We hope these guidelines have given you some insight. Now you can shop our select styles with fresh ideas and find your new favorite pair!

Word By: Katey L.

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