Spring has finally sprung! There are flowers blooming, blue skies, a cool breeze and birds chirping…and chances are, you’ve got a lady in your life (a girlfriend, a wife, a sister, a mom, a friend) that could use a little something special.

Maybe she's got a birthday, a promotion at work, an anniversary—or maybe you just really like her. Maybe you’re the one with the birthday or promotion and you want to treat yourself (which we are totally into around here). Whatever the occasion, we’ve got some fun items to splurge on this spring. 

Here are some products we know she'll love:

  1.     Coyuchi Mediterranean Bath Robe

Hear us out. Bathrobes aren’t just for hotel rooms anymore.You’re probably imagining some big, fluffy monstrosity (to be fair, though, a fluffy robe does have its time and place), but clear that from your mind and imagine stepping out of your bath and into lightweight, luxurious goodness. 

Save the puffy robes for winter and wrap up in this textural, organic cotton robe from Coyuchi. It’s fast drying and perfect for those spring nights that are still carry a bit of winter with them. Relaxing can be hard sometimes with the fast-paced, busy lives we live—but little things (like luxury bath robes) can add just the right touch that the woman in your life needs to rejuvenate and recover before her next day of slaying.

Coyuchi's Bath Robe from Uwila Warrior's Spring Splurge List


  1.     AllBirds Wool Runners or Loungers

AllBirds is an up-and-coming shoe brand that claims to have “the most comfortable shoes you’ve ever set foot in.” They come in two styles, runners and loungers, that are equally cute, practical, and comfortable. 

If your lady friend is on her feet at all—whether she stands all day at work, frequents Disneyland, is planning a trip to Europe, or maybe she’s a busy mom who chases her kids around all day—there is a style and color that will make her feet, and her, very happy.

AllBird's runners from Uwila Warrior's Spring Splurge List


  1.     Diptique Paris Berries Candle

Maybe the lady in your life spends a lot of time at home and likes the place to smell nice or maybe she’s a bit more of a jet-setter but she needs a candle or two for ambiance when she finally gets a moment to herself.

Diptique Paris is a high-end fragrance line with products for both home and body. They offer an array of simple, handcrafted scents that can be found in the form of candles, diffusers, room sprays, and perfumes. Whether your lady on-the-go or taking it slow, a candle is the perfect gift to make simple moments a little more special.

Diptiqeu's Candles from Uwila Warrior's Spring Splurge List


  1.     Josie Margan Argan Oil Daily Moisturizer

Springtime means that the sun will be out more and most likely, so will you. This SPF-intensive moisturizer was the 2016 Allure Reader’s Choice Award winner and it’s no mystery why. Having a daily moisturizer with SPF is key if you spend any time outside at all, and spring is the perfect time to make sure your skin is feeling fresh and protected when you’re out and about. It is cruelty free, natural and organic, paraben free, with no synthetic fragrances. It can be used alone or under makeup, making it a true essential for any woman, whether she enjoys wearing makeup or usually goes for a more natural look.

Josie Margan's Argan Oil Daily Moisturizer from Uwila Warrior's Spring Splurge List


  1.     Uwila Warrior Soft Silks with Sayings - "Hard Ass" in Flame Orange

These undies are the intersection where bright and fun meets sexy and sophisticated. Their sunny color will jam a fresh springtime vibe, but the luxurious lace and silky fabric brings an element of class that will take any woman from a sundress to a power suit to her favorite pajamas effortlessly. 



Words By: Katey L



April 12, 2017

Perfect Fit Promise

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