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How To Find Women's Underwear For Every Outfit & Occasion

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We’re all too familiar with the struggle of having to categorize our top drawer into sections. One section for going out, one section for the office, one section for working out, one section for that time of the month, etc, etc. Every woman has her own variation of this archaic list.

But it’s time for the sorting struggle to stop. There can be one pair of underwear for every occasion and in this blog post, we’ll share how to find these magical, all-purpose panties.

How To Find All-Purpose Women’s Underwear

Step 1: Make those pantylines disappear.  

If a certain style of women’s underwear is going to be suitable for every day, it needs to be pairable with every article of clothing in her closet. These panties would have to be appropriate for both a hot date and running errands in yoga pants.

Uwila Warrior_seamless underwear

The solution is simple: make those obnoxious panty lines disappear. No, we’re not talking about casting a spell on your underwear drawer. We’re talking about the simple but glorious genius that is seamless fabric.

If you haven’t encountered its brilliance yet, allow us to introduce you to your new best friend. Seamless underwear is the perfect everyday solution for several key reasons -  

  1. You don’t have to twist your body to get into it.
  2. It’s the most comfortable underwear on the planet, like a second skin.
  3. It’s completely invisible underneath any kind of clothing.

So what kind of seamless material should you look for? Well, cotton panties dry very slowly, which makes them a terrible option if you plan to hit the gym or be out and about on a hot day. Cotton is also thick, doesn’t lie flat on your body, and requires more seaming which means it will show through a tight pair of pants.

Enter our knight in shining armor: synthetic blends. Synthetic blends of polyester and polyurethane trump cotton because of their lightweight, ultra-thin nature and their barely-there feel. This material is made up of a blend of yarns that combines characteristics from your favorite yoga pants and your most comfortable cotton underwear.

It’s also moisture-wicking so you can stay dry even if you plan to hit the gym later. These qualities make it the perfect choice for all-purpose wear.

Step 2: Find a cut above the rest.

So we know to look for seamless underwear made of synthetic blends, but there’s one more step to finding panties for everyday wear - they have to pass the comfort test. As you might know, there are three main cuts when it comes to women’s underwear: briefs, bikinis, and thongs.

The perfect underwear for every day is a well-balanced hybrid. It’s not a G-string, but it’s not granny panties either. This is perhaps why more and more women are choosing to shop in the middle category of the infographic below.


With seamless underwear in either a hipster, boyshort, or bikini cut, you get the best of both worlds. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for invisible panty lines. You get the benefits of a thong without having to suffer the anguish of wearing one. Voila. Problem solved.

In this happy-medium of underwear cuts, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for feeling sexy either. After all, who ever convinced the women of the world that walking around with a permanent wedgie is sexy?

With a well-balanced cut, you can redefine sexy for yourself. Cheeky underwear in a bikini style cut shows just the right amount of skin to say, “I’m confident but not a slave to fashion.”


Yes, they do indeed exist. That one pair of panties for every outfit. No more sorting through your clean laundry making neat, little piles to put away. No more not being able to wear that tight skirt today because all your thongs are in the hamper.

Real women aren’t limited by anything, especially their undergarments. Now go and enjoy the freedom of having one pair for all occasions!

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