Mother's Day Gift List: 5 Perfect Gifts She Won't Expect This Year


While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with buying Mom her yearly bouquet of bright pink tulips or a framed photo of the two of you, why not shake things up this Mother’s Day? Either swap out your typical gift or add to it with something she definitely won’t expect, but will totally love. Here are five ideas. (And to the husbands reading this, these 100% will work well for your wife/mother of your kids too!)


1. Merlot infused coffee. Tea is nice and all, but let’s be real: there are plenty of busy moms who like to kick back with a glass of vino or a cozy cup of coffee at the end of a long day. So how about mixing the two? This merlot infused coffee available at Uncommon Goods is made of Arabica beans that are aged in oak wine barrels, giving them their red berry flavors and hints of currants and blackberries. The coffee is caffeinated, but it contains no alcohol—so really, Mom could indulge any time of day.

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    2. Shower bombs. We often hear about bath bombs, which are fabulous by the way, but for those of us who don’t really have time for long soaks in the tub and instead prefer to hop in the shower and hop out, shower bombs are, well, the bomb. If your mom is that kind of gal, get her a variety bag at the Etsy shop, Gorgeous Soap. All she has to do: place an unwrapped shower bomb in the corner of her shower away from the direct stream of water. The refreshing fragrance that unfolds is tantalizing and works wonders on stress. 

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      3. Seamless jellyfish underwear. Think it’s weird to buy your mom undies? Think again. When else would she let herself indulge in beautiful underwear, and who else besides her daughter would know the best brand to get for her? We suggest Uwila Warrior’s jellyfish undies and here’s why: your mom taught you to shine from within, and that’s what jellyfish do. She’ll find the message sweet, and the undies...super luxurious and versatile. This line is made with an ultra-light, quick-drying fabric that won’t leave panty lines or move around. If she's not the glow-in-the-dark underwear type, Uwila Warrior makes seamless undies in neutral and other fun color combinations. (And since you're here, grab her a silk tagless camisole too!)

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      4. Mrs. Always Right mug. Here’s another way to give mom the unexpected: rather than buy her yet another “#1 Mom” mug, tell her something she’s known forever that maybe you haven’t yet admitted… mother knows best. This “Mrs. Always Right” mug with simple black script is only $5.99 from World Market. Fill it with a couple movie tickets and a gift card to a restaurant that you can both enjoy together as a way to say thanks for all her life advice.

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      5. A subscription beauty box. Birchbox is literally a gift that keeps on giving for anyone who loves trying new makeup, hair products, skincare products, fragrances, beauty tools, and other lifestyle accessories. Sign your mom up for a 6-month subscription so that every month, she’ll be reminded of you when the cute little box arrives in her mailbox, filled with a personalized mix of samples for her to enjoy.

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      ...And while you’re at it, treat yourself too. Happy Mother’s Day, Moms!

      May 02, 2018

      Perfect Fit Promise

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