Is it your turn to organize the next kid-free outing for you and your other exhausted gal pals? Maybe the group seemedto enjoy last month’s Bunco competition in your one friend’s toy-ridden basement, but let’s be real: you probably all have a different view of what constitutes as fun. As a company that’s built on the idea that women’s lives should be easier and less stressful, we put together a list of what we feel will result in a getaway everyone in your squad will appreciate.

1. Take a survey.

Ask each friend to tell you one thing they used to love doing often before kiddos came along. No need to over-complicate; a simple text will do. You might receive responses like “go to the movies,” “go out for tacos and margs,” “hike mountains,” or “dance the night away.” Do your best to incorporate at least one or two of those activities into your moms night out. Obviously, choose the more reasonable ones that others will be okay with, and try to pair a high-energy event with a low-key one. By doing so, you’ll all get to time travel back to a life less hectic, while making the night fun but not draining.

2. Share the agenda beforehand.

Surprises can be awesome… or they can cause anxiety. Unless your friends prefer to know absolutely nothing about the night you’ve planned, it’s a good idea to share the overview. Things will go a lot more smoothly if everyone knows how to dress for the occasion, where to park, what name reservations are under, how far away from home they can expect to be, yada yada. Moms, as you know, like to know logistics. The details, however—like #3 below—you can keep under wraps.

3. Hand out gifts.

If you really want to be a hostess with the mostest, surprise each mom with a little gift bag—hot pink tissue paper and all—to show how much you appreciate them in your life. Spend as much or as little as your heart desires (and your wallet allows)—they won’t be expecting it, so anything will make their day. Perhaps a candle and a bag of M&Ms. Or a cheap pair of funny sunglasses you can all wear in a well-deserved selfie. (Shameless plug: what about a pair of our TGIF undies for each mom?) You could also scrap the bigger gifts and just give everyone a single flower that they can tuck into their handbags. A sweet gesture goes a long way.

4. Forbid kid talk.

Remember what everyone said when you started going out on dates again with your equally tired significant other? Don’t talk about the kids! Keep the romance alive! Same goes for your girlfriends. Don’t allow anyone to bring the conversation around to their kids’ teachers, picky eaters, curfews, pacifiers, and the coxsackie virus that’s going around school. Stop, all of you! Instead, dish about the latest episode of The Affair. Share exciting news about your job. Talk about your bucket list in life. Recall all the things that make you you, and enjoy each other’s company.

5. Go with the flow.

Stuff happens. Reservations get lost. Someone will check their phone way too often. Your Uber might be late. Try to keep your cool—and remind everyone else to as well. The important thing to remember is that you’re all together, you’re all out, and you’re all without children for a few precious hours. The last thing you want to do is argue or get flustered on a night when you’re supposed to be laughing at grown-up jokes, eating good food, and focusing on your friendships.

Now, anyone need a cozy camisole for their moms' night out outfit?

August 30, 2018

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