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Best Underwear for Running in the Winter (Bring It, Turkey Trot)

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Running outside in the winter calls for a few necessities: gloves, hat, super warm clothes, a hell of a playlist, and—perhaps the most overlooked—the perfect pair of undies.

To withstand your casual jog, your 10K Turkey Trot, or whatever your choice of a winter workout, the best running underwear is:

✔ Sweat-wicking underwear

✔ Breathable underwear

✔ Seamless underwear 

And wouldn’t ya know it, our Happy Seams seamless undies rolls all three essential qualities into one pair. Take a look:

It’s luxuriously comfortable, tagless, and ultra-lightweight, making it the perfect breathable underwear for running in frigid temps, when you’re already wearing a ton of layers.

It comes with a cotton-lined gusset that wicks away moisture fast, and sweat-wicking underwear for runners = imperative.

It’s luxuriously comfortable, tagless, & ultra-lightweight. Nothing can ruin a Turkey Trot faster than thick, heavy, itchy undies that are shifting around as you stride. 



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