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Silk Base Layer
Hot PinkCreamTap Shoe BlackIce Blue+ more colors
Soft Silk with Contrast Lace
Winter White with Sky BlueRose Quartz with Fiery RedWinter White with Solar PowerShale with Tap Shoe Black+ more colors
Washbag Gift Set with 2 Soft Silk
Smoke Grey, Tap Shoe BlackPapaya Punch and Lemon ZestRose Quartz, Rose Quartz w/ Red Lace
Customizable Soft Silk
AlloyPapaya PunchToffeeFiery RedLemon Zest+ more colors
Soft Silk
Rose QuartzEstate BlueFiery RedToffeeSmoke GreyNirvanaWinter WhiteTap Shoe BlackAlloySmoke Pine+ more colors
Soft Silk Lace Camisole
AlloyFiery RedTap Shoe BlackSmoke GreyToffeeRose QuartzWinter White LaceShaleNirvanaMellow Rose+ more colors
Soft Silk Days of the Week
Manic Monday in Storm BlueTaco Tuesday in Smoke PineHump Day in Lemon ZestThirstday in Papaya PunchTGIF in Spicy OrangeSaturYAY in Festival FuschiaSunday Funday in Estate Blue+ more colors
Soft Silk Camisole Brights
Papaya PunchStorm BlueSpicy OrangeEstate BlueSmoke Pine LaceLemon ZestFestival FuschiaRaspberry+ more colors
Soft Silk Brights
Papaya PunchLemon ZestStorm BlueFestival FuschiaSpicy Orange+ more colors
Soft Silk Bridal
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Classic WhiteWinter White with Sky Blue I DORose QuartzTap Shoe Black+ more colors
Soft Silk Bundle Sets
ToffeeSmoke GreyRose QuartzSmoke PineTap Shoe BlackPapaya PunchEstate Blue+ more colors