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<p>WE make sure img1 YOUR UNDERWEAR FITS like a img2 GLOVE</p>

No panty lines. Ever. That's the promise of our lightweight, seamless undies.







Get to Know Better Briefs

At Uwila Warrior, we’re constantly trying to solve problems with underwear. Visible panty lines? We don’t know them. Wedgies? Not with our undies. We strive to make every pair you wear more comfortable and functional—all while looking great.

Which brings us to one big problem we have been focused on: What happens to your undies when you throw them out and they go into landfills? 

That’s why we’re introducing Better Briefs. This collection features the personalized, body-hugging comfort you love from our Happy Seams, with a revolutionary planet-friendly update.

What You’re Saying

(We’re Blushing!)

“When it comes to my underwear I’m always looking for the “ perfect pair”. I have come close, but still not perfect. Then one day, Uwila appeared.”
LOVE! They are soooo soft and silky. I feel very luxurious when I wear them. My daily go-to undies!!
“I wait for this to get out of the wash. This bra has ruined me from all other bras. Seriously feels like I'm braless, in a good way“

Your underwear is PERSONAL so why not PERSONALIZE it?