What Are The Best Alternatives To Cotton Underwear?

What is the Best Material for Underwear?

While cotton is one of the most common fabrics you will find when you’re shopping for cute, new pairs of underwear, it is definitely not the all-around reigning supreme when it comes to fabrics you want to wear close to your body's most private parts. The best alternatives to cotton underwear? Technically (and we’ll get into all of the dirty details) silk makes for the most comfortable, breathable, and barely-there underwear. Here’s why:


Is cotton really the best?

Cotton underware is a good option, but silk underwear has the reputation of being the 'queen of fabrics' and in a couple of seconds you will see why. Not only is silk luxuriously soft, but it is also the most hypoallergenic of all fabrics (go run and tell your friend who swears by wheat-grass shots and organic products). Its silky smooth surface resists both odor and moisture and despite its delicate appearance, it is actually a great option for working out in. Check out some additional highly convincing reasons why silk underwear is the best alternative to cotton underwear.


Silk is Highly Absorbent

Silk underwear is highly absorbent and dries quickly, which means that it will absorb any moisture or perspiration and let your skin breathe. In fact, silk will absorb 40% of its own weight before it even feels wet. While you may have heard that cotton material is "breathable," this is usually in comparison to synthetic fabrics like polyester. Silk is actually more breathable than cotton, despite what you may have heard on TV! 


Silk is Naturally Temperature-Regulating

Silk underwear truly is an all-climate fabric. What do we mean by that? Well, it is warm and cozy in the winter, but it also will keep you comfortably cool when the temperature starts to heat up. Compared to cotton, silk is the better option in terms of underwear that you can wear year-round. Silk underwear makes the best ski underwear!


Silk is Durable

Silk is one of the strongest natural fibers you will find, which means that any underwear made of silk will last (almost) forever, and definitely longer than any of your cotton underwear. While silk may seem to be delicate, it actually is stronger than cotton, which means that it is the better investment if you are looking for underwear that won't unravel in the wash, tear, or rip after some wear, which is perfect for any woman who is looking to invest in underwear that will last.

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So, the best alternative to cotton underwear? Silk fabric undies. With all of the benefits of cotton, plus the luxurious look and feel of silk, this fabric will become your new favorite for underwear that is perfect for whatever life may throw at you. 



November 30, 2017

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