As the co-founder and executive director of Love Your Menses, Bria Gadsen helps dispel myths surrounding menstruation and promotes menstrual equity. The Boston-based organization provides a supportive space for Black and Brown girls, women, and all people who menstruate to learn about the menstrual cycle and thrive throughout their reproductive years and beyond. At Uwila Warrior, we’re especially excited to partner with Love Your Menses for this year’s upcoming Giving Tuesday.



When Bria isn’t breaking the period taboo in her community and worldwide, including the Araunah Roses Education Centre and Amazing Wonders Rescue Centre

in Nairobi, she enjoys spending time in nature and beautifying outdoor spaces.  Friday is her favorite day of the week, because she gets to explore both her personal and professional passions. We caught up with Bria to learn more about how she flows unapologetically through everyday life. Below she shares more about her favorite day and shows off her Soft Silks Days of the Week briefs to match. 


Uwila Warrior: What is your favorite day of the week? 


UW: How come? 

“People tend to be generally happier on Fridays, since it's the start of the weekend and payday. Friday is the perfect day to release any stress from the week and be intentional about having a restful weekend. I love Fridays because in the evening, I can relax, hang out with friends, or enjoy a movie night without having to worry about waking up the next day and going to work.” 

UW: How does the day start for you? 

“On Fridays, I start my day with a cardio workout. Working out first thing in the morning helps set a positive mood for the day. Then, I make tea and breakfast as I begin the work day. Working from home has provided me the flexibility to be intentional and selfish about my morning routine.” 

UW: What about the afternoon?

“I especially love Fridays because I usually don't have any meetings in the afternoon, so I can focus on finishing up tasks for the week and then enjoying my weekend.” 

UW: What does a perfect evening for you look like?

“Either going out to eat or enjoying a night in, watching movies and drinking wine.”

UW: What habits or moments during the day give you strength? 

“Working out and going outside to get some air and sunlight gives me strength.” 

UW: How do you power down at night?

“Closing my laptop and leaving it in my office for the weekend!”

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November 15, 2022

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