Jennifer Hunt

Jennifer Hunt is proof that you never know where life will lead you. An accountant by trade, she always felt a need to nurture her creative side in her downtime. So when creating her wedding invitations in 2005 followed by her first couples holiday card, she found her passion: paper. 

“It ultimately led to opening an art gallery first, and then [I dove] into the paper business in 2015,” says Jennifer. She’s struck the “perfect balance” with Dogwood Hill. “I now get to utilize everything I learned in the business world while working in corporate America for many years, as well as feed my creative passion in the art world.”

 Still, as any business owner and busy mom will tell you, the real balance comes in finding time for family and fun amid the calls, meetings, and decision-making. That’s where her family-oriented Saturdays come in. Ahead, Jennifer shares why it’s her favorite day to rest and recharge.

Uwila Warrior: What is your favorite day of the week? 

Jennifer Hunt: Saturday.

UW: How is that day different from the others?

Jennifer: We have two boys, 10 and 13, who are involved in three different sports, so our time as a family is later in the evening on weekdays (while trying to get through homework!) and on the weekends. We love traveling together to soccer games on Saturdays or college football games in the fall (Roll Tide!) and it's our time to enjoy downtime and recharge for the next week. My job is so fun and I love it, but my favorite thing is getting to hang out with my family.

UW: How does the day start for you? 

Jennifer: Sleeping in a little, if possible! Then, making a big breakfast for the family and then heading out the door to a soccer, basketball, or football game. I love being a boy mom!

UW: What about the afternoon?

Jennifer: We like to go to one of our favorite restaurants for a late lunch or early dinner, to avoid the crowds. If we're traveling for soccer, we love to explore the town we're in and find a good local joint to eat and have a drink.


UW: What does a perfect evening for you look like?

Jennifer: Usually our late lunch or early dinner out means I don't have to worry about cooking! We love to settle in for a movie and chill for the night after what was likely a busy, but fun, day.

UW: What habits or moments during the day give you strength?

Jennifer: I wake up every morning, grab my cup of coffee and sit in the sunshine on our deck. It works wonders in waking me up. I head out for a walk after a few minutes of watching the Today Show. While walking I listen to podcasts (current favorite: How'd She Do That with Emily Landers). That time first thing in the morning is essential in getting me charged up for whatever the rest of the day brings. 

UW: How do you power down at night?

Jennifer: I'm a night owl, so I'm usually the last one to head to bed. And I'm a TV junkie, so that's when I get the shows in that I want to watch without outside opinions. I also love to read and can be known to stay up way too late if the book is super interesting.

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