As founder of KUSSHI and mother to baby Charlotte, Jessica Parker’s day-to-day life is jam packed with her growing brand — and growing girl!  But she still makes time to take advantage of what her adopted city of Munich has to offer, including heading to the Farmer’s Market on her favorite day of the week. 


When she isn’t exploring her city (or the rest of Europe) with her travel-friendly bags and organizers from KUSSHI, she’s working with her global team on developing new products designed to make people’s lives easier and more efficient. So you might guess, she’s not into wasting time, instead prioritizing what needs to get done for business and for pleasure. 

Below Jessica shares more about her favorite day and shows off her Soft Silks Days of the Week briefs to match. We’re heading straight to our local farmer’s market — hey Jessica, got a recipe to share?

Uwila Warrior: What is your favorite day of the week? 

Jessica Parker: Tuesday

UW: How come? 

Jessica: It's farmer's market day! And Seeded Ciabatta day at our favorite bakery. I love fresh food and supporting local businesses.”

UW: How does the day start for you? 

Jessica: I always spend Tuesday Mornings with my daughter. After breakfast we go get Ciabatta at the bakery and share half a loaf together (we love bread in our family). Then we head to the farmers market, pick out some flowers for our dining room table, get some eggs and and some fresh lake trout for dinner. She loves smelling flowers and it's just a wholesome morning for us both.”

UW: What about the afternoon?

Jessica: My Afternoons are always filled with work, team meetings planning for the week. I always have a matcha latte with oat milk to re-energize and think about new products that we are designing to keep your most valuable items protected.”

UW: What does a perfect evening for you look like?


Jessica: “Tuesdays are my favorite day to cook because dinner is quick, easy and delicious. We buy whole trout at the farmers market in the morning. I slice up some lemons and grab some herbs from our balcony garden to stuff the fish. Roast some veggies and dinner is done! Fish is my daughter's favorite so it's always so cute to see how excited she gets when we all sit down for dinner.”

UW: What habits or moments during the day give you strength? 

Jessica: Making lists are my go to for getting things done. Going for a quick walk to clear my head and chatting with friends - even if it's just a quick text - always helps me to recharge.”

UW: How do you power down at night?

Jessica: My husband and I are both CEOs, so after our daughter goes to bed and we are finished working, we spend some quality time together just talking. Sometimes it's 10 minutes and if we are lucky we can get a full hour to chat and enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of tea.”

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October 25, 2022

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