As the co-founders of M. FLYNN Jewelry, Megan and Moria Flynn help people mark once-in-a-lifetime moments. But while every day can’t include a major milestone, they know how to find special moments in her everyday routine. 

That’s probably why Tuesday is Moria’s favorite day of the week. What might seem like a boring middle-of-the week day to some, is actually a chance for Moria to enjoy what she loves about her routine. Same goes for Megan, who loves Saturday — a busy day at their jewelry shop — the most. 

Together, Megan and Moria have built a fine (and fun) jewelry company and retail store based in Boston's South End. Whether Moria is taking walks with her sister, hanging with her husband and 3 children (ages 13, 11 & 9), or connecting with interesting people in the jewelry business, Moria makes the most of her weekdays. “Not only is the jewelry fun to work with on a daily basis,” she tells us, “but I am fascinated by the people I get to work with in an industry composed of people with backgrounds and skills from all over the world.” Meanwhile, Megan, a gemologist, loves to share her passion with customers when they pop in on Saturdays. 

Below Moria and Megan share more about their favorite days and show off her Soft Silks Days of the Week briefs to match. We’re stealing their tips for how to make our everyday routines more productive (and fun). It’s not called Taco Tuesday or SaturYAY for nothing. 

Uwila Warrior: What is your favorite day of the week? 

Moria Flynn: “Tuesday.”

Megan Flynn: “Saturday.” 


UW: How come? 

Moria: “I love Tuesdays because you have the whole week ahead of you to be productive and accomplish your goals. On Tuesdays I also like to make fun plans with family or friends. It's exciting and a bit unexpected to have fun so early in the week.”

Megan: “The store is open, we have tons of customers come in on Saturdays, but It's much more laid back. They've usually grabbed brunch, mimosas with friends and are leisurely shopping in the neighborhood.

We tend to show wedding bands and usually see a lot of our recently engaged couples. It's exciting to hear their wedding plans and how they popped the question. It's just a good-vibe kind of day. We close a bit earlier and usually open a bottle of wine to celebrate the week. During the holidays, we see so many friends and we get to see all the thoughtful touching presents! I don't think there's a better place to be!”


UW: How does the day start for you? 

Moria: “I wake up and either run or play tennis with a friend after sending the kids to school. I love the chance to catch up with friends while squeezing in a workout. After I get dressed, I grab a coffee to go and head into the store. The store is closed on Mondays, so Tuesday is typically full of catching up and meetings to set the goals for the week.”

Megan: “I usually get up a bit later around 7 and walk the dog around Castle Island. My husband and I actually have time to talk on the walk, or we talk about the dog. After I feed the dog breakfast, I try to get myself to a Btone class (if you haven't tried, you have to) and stop by the office for a few hours. I treat myself to a smoothie at Jugos on my way into the South End. I like Lulu Green in Southie for their mint iced latte too.”

UW: What about the afternoon?

Moria: “After our team meeting, I try to set the stage and cross off a lot of to-dos for the rest of the week. Typically this will include everything from calling in significant stones for custom clients to meetings with our accountant. Something always pops up mid-week, so I like to accomplish as much as possible early in the week.”

Megan: “On Saturdays, I may make a cheese plate for everyone who is working. It's an excuse for me to eat a cheese plate, but I pretend it's for my employees. We have Formaggio Kitchen right around the corner from our store. It’'s so dangerous there. They make an onion dip that's just a step above.”

UW: What does a perfect evening for you look like?


Moria: “If I can sneak out of work early, I love to meet my kids at the bus so we can cook dinner together. All three of my kids LOVE taco Tuesday and have mastered making guacamole. In the summers we may extend the evening and go out for ice cream, but on school nights we typically have some sort of sport or homework commitment.”

Megan: “I love to go to bed early after I have a nice dinner and wine. I am lucky that I married someone who loves to cook. It may sound boring, but if we don't have friends over or aren't skiing, I love to get in bed and read. It's really busy during the week so it's nice to have that time and feel like I am getting ahead of my sleep.”

UW: What habits or moments during the day give you strength? 

Moria: “I like to go for walks during the day with Megan. I find that the fresh air and a break from the office can help us discuss goals and challenges for the business without distractions.”

Megan: “I love going to Btone or to hot yoga in the morning. It is a struggle getting me there but once I am out of the class, I feel so good. After I workout, my terrible habit is flavored coffee. I love a good hazelnut or weird butter crunch toffee flavor. It's my reward for getting there.”

UW: How do you power down at night?

Moria: “Power down usually involves watching a show with my husband on my couch and then heading up to bed to read for a bit. We get up pretty early so I try to get a fair amount of sleep so I have energy for the next day!”

Megan: “READ! I love to read but it can't be something heavy, it has to be something fun. Right now I am reading The Lost Summers of Newport.”

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September 27, 2022

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