When you have a lot on your plate, you have to make the most of every second of your weekend. So rather than giving into the Sunday Scaries, waking up on Sunday morning is a moment of bliss—or at least it is for multi-hyphenate Rachel Freedman.

Currently in her final semester studying public health at Simmons University, Freedman is passionate about maternal health promotion in her work with Love Your Menses as a project manager and helping people during those life-changing moments. Case in point: She spends her time outside of class as a doula and childbirth educator (and next year, she’ll be attending Tufts University to get her Masters in Public Health—nbd).

Sundays are time for Rachel to take a rare breather. “Personally I am a big reader!” says Rachel, adding that “Of course the typical romance reads are on my list but I also really enjoy reading about theology as well.” 

But reading isn’t the only way she kicks back. Ahead, Rachel shares more about how she unwinds on a typical Sunday in our latest Day in Brief.

Uwila Warrior: What is your favorite day of the week? 

Rachel Freedman: Sunday.


UW: How is that day different from the others? 

Rachel: I see this as my reset day, I spend time doing some basic chores but also spending time refreshing myself to have a good week.


UW: How does the day start for you? 

Rachel: I usually begin my mornings having some sort of brunch while I listen to my local church online. 


UW: What about the afternoon?

Rachel: The afternoon is spent at the library picking up my newest reads and grabbing a treat for the week, then taking time to clean up my room and create a calmer space.

UW: What does a perfect evening for you look like?

Rachel: I love spending time with families or friends, so ideally I'd have dinner with them.  


UW: What habits or moments during the day give you strength?

Rachel: Anytime I get to spend on my passions and interests gives me a good boost but also being able to connect with close friends is always a joy. 


UW: How do you power down at night?

Rachel: Night time I usually spend time doing some sort of self care either reading, paint-by-numbers, or watching my favorite shows (currently Gilmore Girls).

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November 22, 2023

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