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How to Wash Silk Underwear (Hand Wash or Machine Wash)

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How to Wash Silk Underwear (Hand Wash or Machine Wash) 

how to wash silk underwear

Between dry clean thisgentle cycle that, it seems like every piece of clothing we own suddenly demands its own set of specific care directions. And it’s funny, hand-washing always seems like the most arduous task when you first read it on a clothing label. Like, really? I can’t just use the washing machine? The answer for Uwila Warrior's knitted silk is, you can technically do both.

In this post, we will go through both options and the pros/cons of hand wash vs. machine wash. When most people think of silk, they think of a super delicate, satin, shiny, and fragile fabric. While this is the case with some silk, it is not the case with Uwila Warrior's knitted silk. Our silk is surprisingly robust and the integrity of the garment won't be compromised with either option, but they might lose the luster of their look. 

Hand Washing: 

In an ideal world, handwashing all your clothes would be the answer for the longest lifespan of the garment. To handwash, we recommend a bucket or sink with cool water and add a capful of Soak wash (for every gallon of water). With Soak, you don't have to do any intense scrubbing of the garment. Simply soak it for 15 minutes (longer is okay), then gently squeeze out the water. Roll the item in a dry towel and squeeze out moisture. Lay flat to dry.

Pros of hand-washing: 

  1. Your garment will have the longest lifespan. 
  2. Great for backpacking/travel. 
  3. Eco-friendly.
  4. No risk of snags/holes from the washer. 

Cons of hand-washing: 

  1. It can be time-consuming. 
  2. Might not get "as clean".

Machine Washing: 

If machine washing is your thing, you are in luck with Uwila Warrior Soft Silk underwear! It is ok to machine wash on delicate with other soft/delicate articles and dry the garments on LOW heat. It will not compromise the integrity of the garment, but over time the garment will lose its brightness and sheen. You might also notice some slight pilling,  as you would on most articles of clothing that are put through a machine cycle. Soak Wash can also be used in a machine washer- here is how! 

Pros of Machine Wash/Dry: 

  1. Quick and easy for a busy lifestyle. 
  2. A light dry cycle can help the garment keep its shape (think jeans). 
  3. It can help remove stains. 

Cons of Machine Wash/Dry: 

  1. Dull the color of the garment. 
  2. It can cause slight pilling. 
  3. Chance of snags/tears from the washer. 

We hope this is helpful to get the most out of your silk underwear. These washing techniques and guidelines are also true for all of our other products/fabrics. If you have any. questions, please reach out to





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