On your wedding day, what’s underneath your dress counts, too. The right bridal lingerie can make you feel confident and sexy, and also help you avoid visible panty lines on a day when all eyes are on you. If you’re in the market for white lingerie or something blue to wear as a bride, here’s what to look for. Our shopping picks at the bottom would also make great gifts for a bride if you’re a friend-shopping for lingerie for a bridal shower or bachelorette party. 

silk underwear for wedding


How to Shop For Bridal Lingerie 

Materials Matter 

silk underwear

No bride wants to feel sweaty or deal with wedgies on her big day. Choosing the right material for undergarments solves that. Moisture wicking underwear draws sweat and moisture away from your skin and will prevent chafing and irritation and will keep you cool, dry, and comfortable throughout the wedding day. This is practically helpful in warm weather or on the dance floor. 

Silk is the ultimate moisture wicking material (in fact, it’s way better than cotton). These soft silk undies feel good on the skin and pair beauty with function. When cotton gets wet, it stays wet. Not so with silk! With silk, moisture gets locked inside the material so you cannot feel it against your skin.

For a wedding (or really any special occasion), you also want to choose undergarments that won’t bunch or cause visible panty lines. For that, choose seamless underwear, underwear that has seams on the sides, or also consider wearing a seriously comfy thong like these

Comfort and Confidence Is Sexy 

silk underwear and silk camisole

If  you’re looking for a little sex appeal on your wedding day, choose lingerie that lets you feel like yourself. If thongs aren’t your thing normally, you don’t have to wear one. You can avoid visible pantie lines with silk undies that have seams on the side

There’s also no rule that you have to wear intricate lingerie if it makes you feel uncomfortable. In that case, for your wedding night you can opt for a soft silk tank and undies set or a streamlined chemise. Simple is sexy. 

Get Festive 

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Whether you’re looking for bridal lingerie to give a friend at a shower, or shopping for yourself as a bride, now is a chance to lean into the wedding theme. You can look for undies that are inscribed with “I Do”, opt for white lingerie, or “something blue.” 

Shop These Bridal Lingerie Options 

Now that you have an idea of what to look for, here are some of our favorite bridal lingerie options we know you’ll fall in love with. 

Soft Silks Bridal

bridal underwear

Soft Silks Bridal Winter White with Sky Blue I DO, $38

With lace detailing, delicate colors, and moisture-wicking fabric, UWila’s Soft Silks Bridal line is both beautiful and functional. There’s no aisle too long or dance floor too crowded that can beat its ability to stay in place and dry fast. This underwear is great for not moving around dresses and skirts, like a wedding gown. It comes with 100% natural fiber silk and pretty scalloped lace trim. There is also a “Wing Woman” version you can gift to your bridesmaids. 

Soft Silk Bridal Underwear

Soft Silks Bridal Classic White, $38

Another option in the Soft Silk Bridal line, the classic white has thoughtful details like the blue rings and “U & Me” stitching — with all the function of moisture-wicking silk. 

Soft Silk Undies

Soft Silk, Rose Quartz, $38

These Soft Silk Undies come in various colors and will help you avoid sweating, pantie lines, and wedgies. Rose Quartz is a nice variation on classic white and won’t show through your bridal gown. They’re available in sizes XXS to 3X. 


Soft silk brief and camisole

Soft Silk Bundle Sets Estate Blue, $106

This 100% natural fiber silk duo is a comfortable and sexy sleep option for your wedding night or honeymoon. The straps on the camisole are fully adjustable, and the fabric on both the undies and tank are moisture wicking, fast drying, and tagless.  


seamless undies

Happy Seams- Seamless Underwear, $38

These no-show panties work great under a form-fitting gown made out of lighter material. Thanks to sleek thermo welded seams and laser-cut leg openings, believe us when we say these are 100% seamless and itch-free underwear. They magically disappear under anything and feel invisible too. The seamless underwear is available in sizes XXS to 3X. 


seamless white thong

VIP Seamless Thong, Winter White, $22 

This thong is amazingly comfortable, seamless, and made with lightweight fabric. On your wedding day, you can feel confident knowing your undergarment won’t cause a crease. Bonus: it comes with a cotton gusset for maximum hygiene, and has only two thermo welded seams on the side. This thong comes in sizes XXS to 3X. 

sustainable chemise

Sustainable Chemies Light Blue, $98 

Uwila Warrior’s A-line chemise floats on the body and makes a perfect nightgown. With a luxurious fabric made from a sustainably sourced (wood pulp fiber) and a removable tag, it is the perfect match for a warm weather wedding or honeymoon. It’s luxuriously comfortable, tagless, and ultra-lightweight. If you’re looking for plus size bridal lingerie, this chemise comes in sizes XS through 4X.

June 01, 2022

Perfect Fit Promise

We also offer a Perfect Fit Promise so we can make sure your underwear fits like a glove. If you don’t love your first pair of Uwila Warrior underwear, we’ll send you a different size or style of a similar price point, free of charge. Plus, you can keep your first pair.