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The Best Moisture-Wicking Underwear For Every Activity

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Ladies, if you sweat even just a little bit when you’re traveling, exercising, cooking, working, walking, talking, Netflixing, sleeping, and so on and so forth, here’s a pro tip:

You need sweat-wicking underwear, also referred to as moisture-wicking underwear

Also referred to as UNDERWEAR MADE FOR ACTIVE, EMPOWERED WOMEN. (Right, though?)

And the best sweat-wicking, moisture-wicking underwear in our books? Our Soft Silk panties. Here’s why you need to stock up.

  1. They’re made of 100% silk which makes it a healthy choice for your nether regions.
  2. Moisture-wicking underwear = ridiculously comfortable. 
  3. They come in sizes XXS - 3X, tons of colors, and have pretty scalloped lace trims.
  4. Our sweat-wicking Soft Silk underwear is the ultimate wedgie-slayer.
  5. The seams are on the side to better fit under your clothes and around your curves. So you’re comfortable, put together, AND kicking away sweat.


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