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Seamless Panties for Working Out

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Seamless Panties for Working Out

Motivation is difficult these days. Life is no longer segmented, for many of us we are juggling work and motherhood to the extreme. The one thing that’s keeping many of us sane is exercise! That 30-45 minute workout can really make or break the day… but so can panty lines and wedgies

When taking a brisk walk or run around the neighborhood there is no time to be worrying about panty lines. No one has time to dig through an underwear drawer of misfits to find the one pair of underwear that doesn't show a panty line. Our seamless underwear "Happy Seams" line will give you the confidence of knowing you will never have to worry about underwear seam. 

Here is your guide for the ultimate no show panties which will take those leggings and your confidence to a new level.

If thongs are your thing- this seamless thong will be your new favorite:

Seamless Thong in Jester Red >> $22.00 

Thongs are the ultimate no show underwear- that’s the whole point. These thongs are so breathable and lightweight. While some thongs have thick seams that show through pants, our seamless thongs have two thermo-welded seams making them lay flat and almost feel like you aren't wearing anything. 

For a seamless underwear look with more coverage:

Seamless Underwear > Happy Seams $38.00 

These are fantastic underwear for leggings. Just enough coverage for you and no lines visible. They will make you feel like your going commando. 

Also, try them with peace of mind with our "Perfect Fit Guarantee". 


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