The Best Underwear for Your Wedding Day

The wedding dress, the flowers, decor, menu, seating arrangements… There are so many, SO MANY big and little decisions you have to make leading up to your wedding day. As much as it is exciting, it’s crazy exhausting too. So allow us to help you with one of those critical decisions: what to wear under your wedding dress or pants.

Think about it. You’ll be moving around all day. All eyes will be on you, making adjustments nearly impossible. And let’s face it: wedding dresses are hot—as in, sweat-inducing, especially on the dance floor. You need underwear that will stay put, look great under your gown or pants, and keep you comfortable and dry through every moment of your big day.

No matter what silhouette or style you choose for your happily-ever-after attire, there’s a pair of underwear in Uwila Warrior’s collections that is perfect for it. Here are our recommendations.

The best underwear for an A-line wedding dress

For the very classic A-line silhouette, go with one of our Soft Silks options—like this beautifully detailed “u & me” pair in our bridal line. Available in Classic White, it’s made with 100% natural fiber silk and features an Italian lace applique and blue stitched wedding rings on the right hip (the perfect pop of color for such a timelessly simple dress style). Like all of our pairs, it’s tagless (key for comfort), and won’t wiggle around underneath your gorgeous A-line. Shop now >

The best underwear for your ball gown wedding dress

Our Soft Silks are also ideal for ball gown styles, which are known for their fitted bodices and fabulously voluminous skirts. Since there’s a good chance no one will be able to see anything through your layers and layers of fabric, consider our Soft Silk in Estate Blue for your “something blue.” With its silk body, silk gusset, and seams on the side, you won’t be tugging at this beauty as you walk down the aisle. Shop now >

The best underwear for your empire wedding dress

Okay, last time we’ll say it: but again, choose one of our Soft Silks! A wedding dress with an empire waist gives you room to play up your underwear; our Soft Silks have a scalloped lace trim and little heart in the corner. They’re also awesome at wicking away moisture fast, so go ahead and party it up on the dance floor as much as you want. How about our Winter White color? Shop now >

The best underwear for your mermaid wedding dress

Typically flaring out just below the knee, mermaid dresses need underwear that hug the body as much as they do—and absolutely can’t be seen through the fabric. Hands down, our VIP Thong is a sure thing. Seamless, stitchless, light-weight, sweat-wicking, and surreally comfortable for a thong, it comes in a variety of skin tonal colors to ensure total invisibility. Shop now >

The best underwear for your sheath wedding dress

Similar to the mermaid’s sleek and fitted look, sheath wedding dresses also need magically seamless underwear. For your sheath dress, we highly recommend our Bridal Seamless underwear in Whisper White or Smoke Grey. Made with a laser cut leg opening and an elastic free waistband, it’s virtually nonexistent under your dress—not only will you not a feel thing, the only line your guests will see is at the dessert station. Shop now >

The best underwear for your wedding pant suit

Chic pant suits fall into the same boat as sheath and mermaid dresses in that anything but a seamless pair of underwear risks being seen from the outside. Browse our Happy Seams and Bridal Seamless underwear for a color you love and spend the day and evening knowing you’re free from panty lines and will feel comfortable until the very last slow dance. Shop now >

Enjoy your big day—we hope Uwila Warrior is a very small part of it!

February 27, 2019

Perfect Fit Promise

We also offer a Perfect Fit Promise so we can make sure your underwear fits like a glove. If you don’t love your first pair of Uwila Warrior underwear, we’ll send you a different size or style of a similar price point, free of charge. Plus, you can keep your first pair.