Comfy, stretchy, and flexible, leggings are among the most-worn pants in our wardrobes. But one thing, in general, that leggings are not? Forgiving—especially when it comes to visible panty lines. Due to their body-hugging fit, they tend to show every little line. Not to mention, if you’re actually wearing them to exercise, you’ll want to factor moisture-wicking underwear into the equation. Ahead, we’re breaking down what to look for in sweat-wicking underwear, plus our best undies to wear with leggings.

What Should I Look for in Underwear to Wear Under Leggings?

First things first: The best seamless underwear for leggings should avoid showing VPL. Not only for a smooth look, but also because more bulk can actually be distracting during a workout—and no one needs that. 

It should also be moisture-wicking underwear, and help keep you feeling dry as you work out. (Put another way: You’re looking for the best underwear for yeast infection protection, too.) Our go-to sweat-free underwear is made of moisture-wicking blends or 100% silk, which is naturally fast-drying. 

Should I Wear a Thong Under Leggings?

The best style of underwear under leggings totally depends on your preference. One option is thongs, which are some of the best no-panty-line panties under any clothing, leggings included. But not all thongs are created equal, and certainly not all thongs fit under the category of moisture-wicking underwear for ladies. But you’re in the right place, because Uwila Warrior thong underwear is especially comfortable, and (bonus!) made to prevent wedgies. 

VIP Thong

Made with our lightweight nylon-blend fabric (and a cotton gusset for maximum hygiene), this thong is extra comfortable thanks to thermowelded side seams and removable tags.

Better Briefs Thong

Everything you love about the VIP Thong, but with a game-changing update. It features the same invisible, barely there fit and feel, but it’s created with CiCLO® fibers, which are designed to behave more like natural fibers when they end up in the environment.

What Style Underwear Is Best to Wear Under Leggings?

If you prefer more coverage, our briefs are designed to be completely seamless under your leggings (and everything else). The first thing to decide on is your coverage; for instance, there’s a difference between hipster and bikini underwear (hipsters have more coverage, for the record), and others are higher-waisted. Once you’ve settled on that, here are some of our favorite workout underwear for sweating in and out of the gym.

Happy Seams

When it comes to moisture-wicking undies, Happy Seams briefs are top tier. Made of a dreamy lightweight nylon-blend and with cotton gussets, they’re both the anti-VPL and anti-sweat underwear you’re looking for. 

Better Briefs 

Invisible under leggings and better for the planet? Yes please. Our Better Briefs have the same seamless look and feel as our Happy Seams, but also feature CiCLO® technology, allowing them to behave more like natural fibers when they end up as pollutants in the environment, without compromising on durability. 

Soft Silk Briefs

Silk underwear may sound luxurious—and it is!—but it’s also some of the best underwear for sweat control. Why? Because silk naturally wicks away moisture, and also dries fast. Plus, the tagless design won’t bother you during your sweat sesh.

February 09, 2024

Perfect Fit Promise

We also offer a Perfect Fit Promise so we can make sure your underwear fits like a glove. If you don’t love your first pair of Uwila Warrior underwear, we’ll send you a different size or style of a similar price point, free of charge. Plus, you can keep your first pair.