Mother's Day: the one day a year dedicated to celebrating the most special woman in your life. 

Whether she's biological, adopted (or just the woman who took you on in the most loving way possible), celebrating the special work these ladies have done in our lives is something we take very seriously--and that we think demands the very best presents we have to offer (and more than a little thanks).

This Mother's Day, we've compiled some great gifts we're sure will help your momma feel loved--no matter her taste, style or day-to-day, we're sure at least one will make your mother feel as special as she makes sure you do every day.

Pour This: Wine Delivery

After eight years as a sommelier in Los Angeles, Ashley Ragovin launched Pour This last October. Essentially, the concept of Pour This is a classic wine delivery service—but for wines that Ragovin says “taste like they’re worth double the price.” The Daily Pour is a single bottle offer e-mailed every day, with varying price points. The Monthly Pour is $98 a month for three wines on a theme, a spotlighted region, or a producer.

Pour This is for more than just a wine loving mom: its for the mother who loves food, culture, and traveling the world through her senses—in a way that is accessible and easy (like when it’s delivered to her front door). 



Not on the High Street: Leather Classic Duffle 

Combining traditional elegance with rugged practicality, this Classic Duffle is an essential luggage piece for a stylish gym/weekend/overnight bag. The bag comes in a variety of colors, is made of Mahi Indian Leather, and can be personalized with your mother’s initials for a special touch she’ll admire every time she travels.



Louis Vuitton City Guides

Few names in the world have more weight than Louis Vuitton—and everyone loves Paris, even if they’ve never gone.

With an adventurous spirit, discover different cities of the world with Louis Vuitton's city guide highlighting the city's art, food and party scenes. It features themed itineraries, and a hand picked selection of hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, shops and museums. These adorable and informative travel guides have every bit of culture your mother will need to have on her next venture abroad—or just to read and indulge her wanderlust.



Lululemon Daily Practice Jacket

If your mom is the sporty type (or the type that likes to look sporty doing nothing), this Lululemon warm up jacket is the perfect way to do it. Made of 100% Nylon and cotton-soft Luon fabric for quality stretch and recovery, this is the perfect jacket for any woman who wants to look fantastic whether she’s on a run or just lounging at home.



KitchenAid Stand Mixer

With colors from avocado cream to black violet to milkshake, these KitchenAid standing mixers are any cooking momma’s dream. Using this electric mixer will ensure that every cake layer is light and airy, every frosting smooth, and every cookie crisp or chewy — and that your mother’s arms won’t hurt from stirring the bowl of fabulous concoctions herself. It’s a win for everyone.



Quarterlane Subscription 

If your mother is the kind of woman whose most treasured possessions are her wall full of books, there is no better gift you can give her than a subscription to Quarterlane. A unique subscription service dedicated to delivering a handpicked selection of page-turners that that have been discovered, vetted, and approved by founder Elizabeth Lane, Quarterlane delivers the best new literature to her doorstep for an entire year. 

If that doesn't convince you to invest in a gift that keeps on giving, know this: 100 % of the proceeds from A Mother's Box: The Orange Rose Collection will be donated to Every Mother Counts. That sounds like a good enough reason to buy the box for ourselves.


Anything Dagne Dover

This may look like your average purse, but Dagne Dover is anything but. Built to carry everything from her laptop her umbrella, this Classic Tote is designed for the life of a busy working woman--or mom. If you're looking for the perfect bag for a woman who embodies both practicality and simple beauty, look no further than this well crafted bag.


Words by: Joanna A.

May 11, 2017

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