Uwila Warrior

In a world where women have limitless choices for everything we buy—from concealers to sneakers, watches to underwear—the decisions we make are typically swayed by the same few factors, like what the reviews say or the quality of the products. Makes sense, but we also think the beliefs behind the brand, the story behind the shelves, and the types of people we’re in this business for should also carry a lot of weight.

So allow us to introduce us… to you. To us. To Uwila Warriors. That is, to women everywhere who can relate to who we are and what we stand for, which is this.

Uwila Warriors are intelligent.

Our founder and CEO Lisa Mullan says that our customers are smart and wise. They’re intelligent, interesting, and ambitious. “She’s like an owl,” Lisa says. (Hence, Uwila, which means “owl” in German.) We care deeply about shattering glass ceilings and not settling for the status quo. Did you know that of the CEOs who lead companies that make up the 2018 Fortune 500 list, just 24 are women? Stats like those make Uwila Warriors want to rock the boat and change the world, and that’s not being hyperbolic.

Uwila Warriors empower each other.

In our quests to always better ourselves, Uwila Warriors look out for one another too. We believe in empowering, uplifting, encouraging, and cheering for each other. We stand up for each other, we believe in each other, we fight for each other. Our interests and careers may vary, but we come together under the banner of womanhood and absolutely love that quote you may have seen floating on your various social channels: Real queens fix each other’s crowns. Sure do. Because if we can’t do that for each other, who is?

Uwila Warriors are real women.

By “real,” we don’t mean that we are one type of woman. In fact, we actually mean the opposite. Uwila Warriors are all women. We are women of every shape, size, creed, and color. We are women who struggle, women who soar, women who cry, women who create, women who fall. If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll notice that our feed reflects our introduction of inclusive sizing this past year. (We've added extra small and extra large across all styles, fitting women sizes zero to 18—and we even have sizing up to 4X in our new No Brainer Stretch.) We think women of all looks and body types who are good to other women should be considered angels. But, that’s just us. ;)

Uwila Warriors are deserving of fabulous underwear.

Underwear may seem trivial, but let’s take a second to think about it. You wear underwear every single day. You have work to do, places to go, things to accomplish, and not a moment to waste tugging on seams and pulling out wedgies. When you’re free from subpar undies, you are free to focus on the things in life that matter most to you—whether that’s your family, your career, your next passion project, or any combination of meaningful places you put your time and energy into. And the way we think about it is: you are the same woman at the office, at the bar, and in the bedroom. We think your underwear should be as comfortable, versatile, and stylish as you are. We believe in getting the best possible start, middle, and end to your day with the best possible undies that will effortlessly transition from daytime to evening, from desk to couch and everything in between, right along with you. And when it comes down to it, perfect underwear gives you confidence. It just does. And Uwila Warriors deserve that around the clock.

Uwila Warriors shop here.

On that note, that’s why Uwila Warrior was born. It’s hard out there to be a woman and we want to make your life easier, better, and more fulfilling. And the best way we know how to do that is by providing you with luxurious underwear and a perfect fit guarantee. The days of boring, scratchy, awkward underwear are gone; we’re here to equip you with your new favorite pair of undies and to give you some woman-to-woman encouragement from a team of ladies who know and live your same struggles.

So that’s what we think about you, about us, and about underwear. We hope you’ll join in our mission for hassle-free undies and female empowerment. It’s quite an undertaking in a sea of choices, but like any Uwila Warrior will tell you, we’re up for the challenge.

As always, thanks for reading.

December 03, 2018

Perfect Fit Promise

We also offer a Perfect Fit Promise so we can make sure your underwear fits like a glove. If you don’t love your first pair of Uwila Warrior underwear, we’ll send you a different size or style of a similar price point, free of charge. Plus, you can keep your first pair.