From a black diamond ski slope to a 3-star Michelin dinner, you can wear a silk camisole as an incredibly versatile base layer. Silk is highly absorbent and naturally temperature-regulating, making it an ideal undershirt material when you plan to work up a sweat. And thanks to its feminine appearance, you can also dress up a silk cami for a fancy setting, pairing it with a blazer or long skirt.

From a fashion point of view, a silk camisole is the ultimate workhorse. But did you know they’re also super convenient to clean? At Uwila Warrior, we created a silk camisole that you can machine wash — so you’ll always have one ready to wear. Here’s why you should add them to your wardrobe.

Silk Is More Durable Than You Think  

Let’s start by dispelling some common myths about silk. You may have heard that silk camisoles can only be hand washed, since they fall apart in the wash. Or, you may think silk is a delicate material and pills when washed.

All of this is false. In fact, silk is the strongest natural fiber there is. Stronger than cotton, it can hold 100 times its weight. That means you can wear it while working out, dancing, or sleeping — which reminds us: a pair of silk panties and a silk camisole makes a great set of silk pajamas.  

 How to Machine Wash a Silk Camisole Top

  Silk might be strong, but it’s still good to use your machine’s delicate cycle to help it last. When machine washing your silk camis:

  • Wash it on a delicate cycle with other delicate clothing.
  • Make sure the water is set to cold.
  • Hang dry or tumble dry on a low heat delicate cycle.

Using your machine won’t just save you time. “The silk camis actually recover the garment's shape when washed in a machine and low tumble dried,” explains Lisa Mullan, Uwila Warrior’s Chief Underwear Officer & Founder. We call that a win win!

When to Consider Handwashing Your Silk

If you want to get the absolute most out of your cami, you may want to try hand washing. Like all clothing items, Uwila Warrior silks will last longer when you avoid putting them in a washing machine or dryer. You may also see the color and sheen fade a bit more quickly in a machine than when washed by hand. For this reason, our hang tags recommend that you hand wash and hang dry. That being said, they can be washed in a machine and low tumbled dry.  

 Shop Machine Washable Silk Camis

Our silk camis come in various color and bundle options. Check them out below.

Soft Silk Lace Camisole, $68

Made of 100% silk, this machine-washable cami can be worn on its own or as a base layer. Adjust the straps to get the coverage you want, and remove the perforated tags for maximum comfort. It’s available in 9 classic colors and neutrals. 

Soft Silk Camisole Brights, $68  

Our signature machine washable silk cami also comes in 8 bright colors. 

Soft Silk Bundle Sets, $109

This 100% silk, machine-washable duo is a comfortable and sexy set that will take you from day to night. Wear the camisole under a blazer, or under the sheets. The straps on the cami are fully adjustable, and the fabric on both the panties and tank are moisture wicking, fast drying, and tagless. 

February 06, 2023

Perfect Fit Promise

We also offer a Perfect Fit Promise so we can make sure your underwear fits like a glove. If you don’t love your first pair of Uwila Warrior underwear, we’ll send you a different size or style of a similar price point, free of charge. Plus, you can keep your first pair.