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It all started in an underwear drawer... It really could have been almost any woman’s underwear drawer, but it was ours. It was filled with all kinds of underwear that shared a couple of commonalities: It was beautiful, and it didn’t fit. We asked, why can’t practical, comfortable underwear also be beautiful underwear?

We started Uwila Warrior to make underwear that didn’t require tugging at panty lines and suffering through bad underwear days. Underwear that was not about pleasing someone else, but instead celebrated a woman’s body. Underwear so comfortable, you couldn’t even tell it was there. Uwila Warrior was founded on one simple belief: Women shouldn’t have to twist their bodies and lifestyles into underwear that only fits sometimes – they should have unapologetically colorful, beautiful, and comfortable underwear that fits every moment of their lives. Uwila Warrior is for the woman who goes into the world smart and smiling, completely confident in who she is.

Our products are an expression of freedom - featuring spirited colors, cheeky sayings, luxurious silk, and ornate lace. Because why does your underwear drawer have to be boring? It’s designed to fit around your body, to hug your every curve and is made with lightweight moisture wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry all day long. Less time worrying about your underwear means more kicking ass! Learn more about our story here

Uwila Warrior Other Brands
Sweat wicking & quick drying Wet
Stays put under skirts, dresses & pants Moves around causing wedgies
Built to form around your body = no panty lines Built smaller to expand on your body = panty lines
Seams on the side = more comfort Seams down the cracks = less comfort
Tagless Itchy tags
Generously cut in the back Cut right across your buns, forcing fabric to shift
Colorful Mostly drab

The first time you slip on a pair of Uwila undies, you'll understand what all the fuss is about. Explore the collection now!


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