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For certain things—like sunglasses or eye makeup, for example—it’s pretty easy to determine which shapes or colors best accentuate your features. When you’re shopping for new shades, remember that oval frames are great for diamond-shaped faces. Got hazel eyes? Dusty pink eyeshadow is clutch. But when it comes to underwear, the Uwila Warrior team actually prefers not to assign a specific pair to a specific body type. Because the truth is, it’s a completely personal decision! Not society’s to make. Not your significant other’s choice. Not magazine ads’ to dictate.

Every woman has unique needs and their own preferred style when it comes to underwear. So our advice? Learn the different kinds of underwear out there, try ‘em out for all different occasions, and ultimately, stock your underwear drawer with whatever it is YOU love; you decide what you feel beautiful and comfortable in. And whenever you feel like shaking things up again or trying out a hot new release, go ahead and repeat the process.

All that said, here’s the 411 on the types of underwear Uwila Warrior currently offers—each one deliberately chosen and designed by us, because we personally think they’re perfect for everyone.

Let's Talk About Thongs

Once up a time, thongs were basically taboo—reserved for super sexy flings or considered too risqué for women of a certain age. Thankfully, times have seriously changed. Women of any age should feel free to wear a thong for any occasion and proudly enjoy the benefits that come with it. A thong, in case you’re not totally sure, is essentially a bikini in the front, but in the back, it narrows down to a thinner piece of fabric and fits pretty snugly in your rear—leaving more of your rear exposed than if you were to wear a straight-up bikini bottom.

What’s to love:

A lot of women love thongs because of their sexiness. When you’re wearing something that does show off more skin, it puts you in a different, sometimes more confident and empowered mindset. And while a lot of women disagree on this point, many find thongs to be super comfortable and really like that they don’t have to worry about panty lines. We think every woman needs at least one thong—you’ll love going with that pair under tight yoga pants or in cozy jeans on a hot day.

What UW’s got:

Dubbed the VIP (Very Important Panty), our thong comes in smoke grey, toffee, and tap shoe black. It’s truly seamless and stitchless; we used thermowelding technology on the gusset and sides to ensure it essentially disappears under your clothes. The fabric easily wicks away sweat, and in a purposeful quest to please even the most discerning of thong critics, we used ultra-light material that takes comfort to the next level. If you think you don’t like thongs, try the VIP. Even the tag rips out.

VIP Thong in Tap Shoe Black, $22 | SHOP NOW >

The Beauty of Hipsters

The cut of underwear plays a big part in whether or not you’ll be dealing with a wedgie all day or night. A safe pair to pick to avoid that fate are pairs that have more of a hipster or modern brief (see below) vibe. Who doesn’t prefer a good balance of coverage and cuteness?

What’s to love:

Hipsters are key in the no-wedgie department, and when made right, they’re sort of like your favorite comfy pair of pajama shorts—just tighter to your skin. Other sites might tell you to go for ‘em if you have this body type or that, but we say, what body type isn’t great for hipsters? Nothing better than hopping out of the shower after the kids are in bed, putting a tee and a pair of hipsters, and watching This Is Us with a pint of ice cream (...right, though?)

What UW’s got:

Uwila Warrior’s soft silks line and Happy Seams underwear are cut specifically so that it is ‘wider’ (in terms of measurements), with generous leg openings that are not tight at all. Because this is not typical of the average underwear, it will lay flatter and smoother on the body—without too much pulling and pinching (hence, no wedgies). They’re slightly different in terms of typical boy shorts in that cut is a little more feminine and sloped, for maximum comfort. Wedgie-free, scalloped lace trims, and 100% natural fiber silk. What’s not to like?

Soft Silks in Nirvana with Montana Grape Lace, $38 | SHOP NOW >

Happy Seams in Shale with Festival Fuchsia, $38 | SHOP NOW >

The Best of Briefs

The most tried and true underwear style: briefs. They rise up to the waist and cover everything you’ve got. You may read about classic briefs (with sides extending below the hips), control briefs (think briefs made with spandex), or high-cut briefs (narrower sides), but either way, briefs are a perfect go-to for any outfit.

What’s to love:

No matter your figure, briefs are a flattering look that will accentuate your curves and hug all the right places just enough—when made and designed well. Because of their full coverage too, you can rely on the comfort. No g-string sticking out of the back of your jeans, and no rubbing against uncomfortable pant fabric.

What UW’s got:

If you haven’t treated your underwear drawer to our new No Brainer underwear yet, hop to it! A higher waisted, tagless, no-frills underwear, our No Brainer is as basic—and yet, completely un-basic—as you can get. The colors are simple (toffee, tap shoe black, and almond), it provides full coverage, and it’s stretchy. But no “granny panties” here. They’re actually just as panty line-free as our other pairs; we made them without stitched seams so you can’t tell what you’ve got under those leggings. And one more note: while we don’t think body type should be a factor in choosing underwear styles, we do understand the complexities of going up in size. That’s why we very strategically redesigned our No Brainer in inclusive sizes, taking into account every curve and every shape.

No Brainer in Almond, $22 | SHOP NOW >

The bottom line is that we think there’s no magical style for any certain body—just that your pairs should be comfortable and make you feel confident and beautiful. That’s why we stand by our Perfect Fit Guarantee. Check it out now!


November 10, 2018

Perfect Fit Promise

We also offer a Perfect Fit Promise so we can make sure your underwear fits like a glove. If you don’t love your first pair of Uwila Warrior underwear, we’ll send you a different size or style of a similar price point, free of charge. Plus, you can keep your first pair.