Every holiday season, we tirelessly piece together the perfect gift list for everyone in our lives—stressing left and right about whether or not someone will like this or like that, or what if she already has one, or what if she thinks I’m offending her, or what do I get someone who has everything…

This year, we’re keeping it simple and think you should too: luxury lingerie. Can you think of one woman who wouldn’t want a beautiful cami? Or her first pair, or her 20th pair, of silk underwear that is ridiculously comfortable? So many of the ladies in your lives probably don’t treat themselves often to luxury underwear, but think about it: we wear underwear every single day (Most of us anyway). It’s an awesome gift that will not only get used, but will make her feel special. Here’s what to get your…

        1. Best gift for every woman  
        2. Best gift for your wife 
        3. Best gift for your girlfriend
        4. Best gift for your best friend 
        5. Best gift for your mom 
        6. Best gift for your sister 
        7. Best gift for your daughter  

FOR EVERY WOMAN, Underwear Intervention Gift Box $98

An Underwear Intervention Gift Box has one of each of our most popular styles. All of the Uwila Warrior Underwear styles serve a different purpose and this will allow your loved one to try all of them in a fun, practical, beautiful gift set. Learn more about our Underwear Intervention Gift Set here. 

YOUR WIFE: Soft Silks Holiday Set, $98

silk holiday sleep underwear set

We’ve got three: the Fiery Red Berries Set, the Smoke Pine Ski Set (a gorgeous green), and the Winter White Gingerbread Set. Each one comes with a Soft Silks camisole made of 100% silk fabric that’s fast-drying and tagless, and our signature Soft Silks underwear—complete with scalloped lace trim, silk-lined gusset, and 100% natural fiber silk with a soft sheen. The pieces are stunning and crazy comfortable. Your wife won’t want to sleep in anything else. SHOP NOW

YOUR GIRLFRIEND: Soft Silks Underwear, $38


Looking for something just as beautiful, but a little easier on the wallet? Go with the undies only. Our colors are striking—solar power orange, festival fuchsia, estate blue, and more—and they’re all moisture-wicking and soft to the touch. We’re not totally sure how you’d want to work this into the convo with your gf, but they’re also the most wedgie-free underwear she’ll ever find. Maybe just say you read that they’re great for her yoga pants…SHOP NOW

YOUR BFFSoft Silks Underwear With Sayings, $38

silk breathable underwear for women

What we love about these soft silk underwear is that they retain all the elegance and beauty in detail, look, and feel like the rest of our lines, but they come with fun sayings that’ll no doubt give your bestie a laugh. Surely you have an inside joke that lines up with one of our many options, like Smart Ass, Cranky Pants, Bridal Wing Woman, or Hot Mess. Check out the full list here. Which one do you think she’d love? SHOP NOW

YOUR MOTHER: Happy Seams Camisole, $48

Soft silk camisole to wear under sweaters

It’s hard to shop for Mom when it comes to clothes, right? So many different patterns, sizes, fabrics, styles. A sure bet though is UW’s Happy Seams camisole. You can’t really go wrong with a layering piece that feels like a cloud, has a longer, more snug fit, and is made of ultralight fabric. Let her know it’ll look fabulous under one of her cardigans and will keep her warm in the winter and cool/dry in the summer. She can wear it any way she wants, really, which is pretty much the ideal gift for someone who should always do what she wants. SHOP NOW

YOUR SISTER: Happy Seams Underwear, $38

seamless underwear

If your sister hasn’t already discovered that truly, seriously, 100%, magically seamless underwear does exist, go ahead and rock her world. All those leggings and maxi dresses and skirts she wears will look way better with a Happy Seams undie underneath. The blended fabric feels like the best silk you’ve ever touched, each has a cotton-lined gusset, and the colors are amazing. Whether it’s the Shale with Tap Shoe Black or the Boy Blue with Solar Power Yellow, she’ll be happy you upgraded her underwear drawer without her having to pay a cent. SHOP NOW

YOUR DAUGHTER: Happy Seams Underwear with Prints, $38

seamless tree underwear for hikers

Out now: our bestselling Happy Seams underwear line with new prints like evergreen and floral. They’re a bit more playful than the legacy line, so it’s an appropriate and easy way to say to your daughter, you totally deserve luxury underwear… but I’m not about to buy you anything too, too sexy. :) Just be comfortable, okay?! SHOP NOW

Happy holidays, gift-givers! (And don’t forget to treat yourself… Our No Brainer is exactly that.)

November 04, 2018

Perfect Fit Promise

We also offer a Perfect Fit Promise so we can make sure your underwear fits like a glove. If you don’t love your first pair of Uwila Warrior underwear, we’ll send you a different size or style of a similar price point, free of charge. Plus, you can keep your first pair.