What Is A Gusset & What Does It Have to Do With My Underwear?


Now that you’re a total pro on thermowelding, your next lesson in fabric education that every woman should care about is all about the gusset.

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Gussets 101

A gusset is typically a triangular or diamond-shaped fabric liner that is inserted into a seam to allow for breathing room, improve shape, and provide reinforcement. You might find a gusset sewn into your handbags, your pillows (the side panels), tights, pantyhose, and other garments. And, of course, you’ll find a gusset in the piece of clothing Uwila Warrior is on a mission to keep enhancing—your underwear.

When it comes to undies, the gusset is that little piece of fabric that falls in your most sensitive of female regions. Here are the deets on Uwila Warrior’s underwear gussets:


Cotton Gussets

On our Happy Seams underwear, we use cotton fabric for the gusset. It’s naturally fast at moisture-wicking, which helps to keep the area dry and ventilated. “Here we also use heat-bonding technology, meaning the gusset is seam-free and lays perfectly flat—no bulky stitching or scratchy edges to irritate you between the legs,” explains UW’s NYC-based fabric specialist, Samantha Benassai, technical designer with Angora Group.

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Silk Gussets

In our silk line, we instead use a 100% silk gusset liner for a number of reasons. First, silk is a highly durable fabric and naturally resists odor absorption, says Samantha. “It also has good insulation properties—meaning it keeps cool in the warmer months, and again, evaporates moisture rather quickly.” And lastly, she adds, since it has a luxurious feel, it's ideal for contact with skin in delicate areas. (These gussets are traditionally sewn since heat-bonding is not compatible with silk fibers.)

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Why Should You Care?

As a shopper, and as a woman, there’s no reason you shouldn’t know what kind of fabric you’re entrusting your body to every single day, or what goes into the making of your underwear. At Uwila Warrior, we love to share our knowledge of fabrics, technology, and how underwear can make or break your day with our beloved customers—who we believe deserve only the best. That's why we found the best materials to construct our silk panties.

Never knew what a gusset was before? Now you know! Find out if you prefer silk or cotton today.

June 04, 2018

Perfect Fit Promise

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