How to Pump Yourself Up for an Important Day at Work


Your six-month review. A million-dollar pitch. A conference speaking engagement. The soft launch of your genius idea. Whatever an important day in your line of work looks like to you, many of us share the exact same thoughts and feelings leading up to it: nerves, excitement, anxiety, a sudden superhuman ability to watch the clock all night long. And, occasionally, a bit of self-doubt thrown in.

But why? You’re an intelligent, forward-thinking woman. We know this, because you’re here on Uwila Warrior’s website, obviously ;) So let’s get prepped for those big moments every single time, rock our confidence and business savvy, and knock ‘em dead.

Here are three solid ways to get pumped up before the big day.


  1. Self-talk.

    According to science, saying things like “I can so do this” in your head or out loud is an extremely effective way of psyching yourself up. Look yourself in the mirror that night or in the morning, or use your commute to mentally take note of you’re incredibly good at—and the fact that you’re ready for whatever lies ahead in your day. We’re typically our own biggest critics, so why not try the reverse on for size?  
  1. A killer playlist.

    Call it your girl-power soundtrack, your get-feisty-and-feel-good tunes. If you don’t already have this list of songs below on your iPhone, download them now and thank us later—when you’re head is bobbing in the car, your brow is furrowed, and you’re feeling like a serious powerhouse who can take on the world. (Yes, you already know the words. But now  you’re really going to hear them.)
  • Girl on Fire, Alicia Keys
  • Stronger, Kelly Clarkson
  • Confident, Demi Lovato
  • Roar, Katy Perry
  • Run the World, Beyonce
  • Bodak Yellow, Cardi B
  • Just Like Fire, P!nk
  • Wild Things, Alessia Cara
  • Brave, Sara Bareilles


  1. A fabulous outfit.

    What you wear can seriously help you project the confidence you feel inside. Professor Karen J. Pine of the University of Hertfordshire (U.K.) wrote in her book Mind What You Wear: The Psychology of Fashion: “When we put on a piece of clothing we cannot help but adopt some of the characteristics associated with it, even if we are unaware of it.” Yup, 100 percent true. Here’s what we consider when we put together the perfect ensemble for a major moment:


How to Pump Yourself Up for an Important Day at Work


  • Underwear: Seamless, no question. If there’s no reason to worry about panty lines showing through your skirt, dress, or pants, then… there’s no reason to worry about panty lines. Uwila Warrior’s seamless underwear are as comfortable as they are transparent and gorgeous. Treat yourself to a pair stat.


  • Outfit: You can’t go wrong with a black sheath dress, or black pants and a beautiful top, or a colorful skirt and a crisp white blouse. Okay, the options are endless. So the most important thing to note is how you look and feel in it—remember to shop for your size and body type. Something may look perfect on the hanger, but a little off on you. (And vice versa.) Ask a friend to shop the stores or your closet with you for honest feedback. And p.s., our silk, tagless camisoles will work with nearly anything.

Two last thoughts: while self-talk is obviously a hugely effective way to pump yourself up, it doesn’t hurt to have your BFF, best colleague, significant other, or even your parents remind you why you’ve got this important day in the bag, and why you’re worthy of feeling ready.

And lastly, remember this quote from Alfred Hitchcock, “There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it.” Perhaps by acknowledging that anticipation is all you’re feeling, and that the actual event will be smooth once it gets started, you can trick your brain into speeding up to the ahhh, I can breathe part. Hey, why not? You got this.


May 31, 2018

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