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The Best Underwear For Moms

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The Best Underwear For Moms


When you’re a mom, you’re good at multitasking: Keeping your kids happy and alive, and timing their naps perfectly with your favorite Grey’s Anatomy re-runs. We know that the least of your concerns is what you’re wearing (A stain on the sleeve? No problem!) And that the last thing on your mind is probably what you’re wearing underneath them…Because if nobody can see it, it doesn’t really matter, right? Well you may want to re-think that. 

There are different types of underwear that are the best for moms, and after you’re done here, we’re sure you’ll be scrambling to get your hands on at least a few new, life-changing pairs, because if anyone deserves something that will make their lives a bit easier, even if it’s new underwear, it’s you!

No Wedgies Ever Again!

Imagine that. A world where you would never worry about getting a wedgie again, never mind having to adjust it every three minutes while holding a toddler in one hand and a half eaten snack in the other. The best underwear for moms is hassle free, so always look for a pair that have an anti-wedgie and comfort fit. When you have one less thing to worry about during the day, it makes all the difference. Try a pair of Uwila Warrior’s Seamless Underwear, and thank us later.

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Sweat-Wicking For The Mom On The Move

What do all kids running around have in common? A mom chasing right after them. The best underwear for moms include any and all types that have sweat-wicking technology. We love Uwila Warrior’s undies because they are guaranteed to keep you dry all day, regardless of the amount of times you have to chase your 4 year old around the park to get him to drop the mulch he is about to eat. Underwear that can keep you feeling fresh all day long is worth the investment, especially when you’re a mom and your new gym membership is actually just your daily life with your kids.


The Best Underwear For Moms

Moms Love Seamless Underwear

The typical soccer mom attire? A light weight gray zip-up, hair in a pony-tail, Ray Ban sunglasses and black leggings. Don’t believe us? Stand in the parking lot of your elementary school pick up and check out every mom that steps out of her Honda Pilot.

Make your getting ready routine one step easier by investing in underwear that is seamless. You know that you wear leggings 7 out of 7 days of the week, so stop sorting through the underwear drawer for that one pair that you can’t see under leggings, and throw away all of your uncomfortable thongs and instead go with a pair of undies that is completely and utterly seamless through leggings. Uwila Warrior’s Seamless Underwear are leggings lines free, and mom approved.

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The Best Underwear For Moms


Underwear That Is Comfy And Attractive

When you’re a mom, the daily sexiness of your life dramatically shifts. You go from worrying about what your hair looks like, to worrying about what household item your kid is going to destroy in the blink of an eye next. The best underwear for moms is a pair that is both comfy and attractive, a pair that makes you forgot that you’re even wearing them, but still make you feel like a sexy superwoman. Uwila Warrior’s undies are built with the modern woman in mind, in that their luxurious feel and cutout lace insert expose just the right amount to keep you feeling sexy no matter what you’re conquering – from the bedroom to the playground.

Overall, the best underwear for moms is a pair that can stand up to the craziness that is raising children. The hardest job in the world is being a mom, but picking out a pair of undies that fits in perfectly with your life doesn’t have to be. Look for a pair that is comfy and attractive, sweat-wicking, wedgie-free and seamless. When your clothes fit you perfectly, you’ll have time for everything else that life (or your toddler) throws at you!


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