Yes, it’s true, we do consider ourselves warriors, and we try to practice “leaning into the sharp points,” as several strong women have written of late. However, and it’s a huge however, when it comes to Uwila Warrior panties, there are no sharp points.


High waisted womens underwear

All our panties are known across the country for their comfort, style, and, frankly, their high “sexy quotient.” From our “bang-the-gong” thongs to our Happy Seams underwear style (your writer is partial to the Terrarium Moss color) we welcome comfort and give the stink eye to any underwear pair that does not meet our exacting standards.

One of our customers wrote to say Uwilla undies are “like wearing a cloud.” We so love that image!




Mixed in with our various panty cuts, colors, and materials, there is one style we consider to be the ultimate in comfort, a standout in our panty pantry. Our choice will surprise you for sure. We call it the No Brainer, our queen warrior of high-waisted undies.

Wait, before you turn up your nose or get your panties in a twist (by the way, that means you are not wearing Uwila!), these are NOT granny panties. Okay, well, technically they are. High-waisted front and full rear coverage.

But, Granny would run you down with a shopping cart in a discount department store parking lot to exchange her old granny panties for our No Brainers. Look at the luxe lineup No Brainer wraps your tush in:

  • Ultra lightweight & stretchy fabric to fit your curves (like a tailor fit you)
    • Thermowelded seams (we could write a book on this modern clothing fabrication method that puts an end to the scritchy-scratch of old-fashioned seams)
  • Zero stitched seams (no longer needed!; see above)
  • Cotton gusset (the little pocket in the crotch of your panties that adds extra protection and comfort where the important lady bits are located)
  • Built-in tummy control (we knew there was another reason we love high-waisted!)
  • Full coverage with no panty lines (they are a go-to favorite when we’re wearing leggings)
  • Size inclusive from XS to plus-size 4X (“I Sing the Body Electric”)
  • Perforated tag for zip-zip removal (thank goodness!)
  • Still sexy (these are not your Granny’s granny panties)

The three most-important things about No Brainers? No rolling. No riding up. No wedgies. 

These might be the holy grail of comfort in high-waisted underwear. A nylon and spandex blend, when you put on a No Brainer pair you’re more likely to think cashmere soft, Sea Island Cotton smooth or Mulberry Silk luxury.

While we are always playing with our color palette, most times you’ll find No Brainers in captivating colors, from coffee-meet up toffee to Camilla Rose (with star adornments) and more.

OMG (can we still say that?). I almost forgot, Uwila Warrior is also your prestige source for matching camisoles. In, at last count, 31 different, sumptuous colors. Many matchy-match to our underwear colors, Including my fave, Terrarium Moss!

Okay, maybe we can’t claim to have the most comfortable high-waisted undies in the world. But, we can claim your botty (British slang for tush) will love them. Or your booty. Guaranteed.

January 14, 2021

Perfect Fit Promise

We also offer a Perfect Fit Promise so we can make sure your underwear fits like a glove. If you don’t love your first pair of Uwila Warrior underwear, we’ll send you a different size or style of a similar price point, free of charge. Plus, you can keep your first pair.