Holiday Gift Guide

Well, ‘tis the season--for uncovering (and snatching before it’s gone!) that unique gift that will be the talk of gifting this year. Practical, fun, and beautiful.

Whether it’s a gift for your truly lovely mother (or mother-in-law), your best girl friends, a sassy niece or another fabulous femme in your posse, Uwila Warrior has you and your giftee covered. Literally!

Small Luxuries That Bring On the Oohs & Aahs!

Stocking stuffers can be way more exciting than a candle or pack of gum (welcome to our house!). Think private luxury, think personal (and personality), think of a gift they will use: a silk underwear stocking stuffer.

Two pairs of 100% silk undies in a gift-worthy satin bag, along with a lavender sachet pouch for travel or drawer, make your shopping for the naughty and nice as easy as, well, checking it off.

Of course, these undies are moisture-wicking (many shoppers don’t realize silk IS a practical fabric), fast-drying, and tagless. So comfy!

What is an Underwear Intervention?

Underwear Intervention

The Warriors at Uwila are dedicated to vanquishing colorless colors, extinct elastic, and lackluster lace. We present (get it?), the Uwila Underwear Intervention Gift Box

Your giftee will receive four pairs of panties that includes our Soft Silks, VIP Thong, a yoga-pants-and-workout friendly Happy Seams, plus a No Brainer, that’s just that, a lightweight, higher-waisted, perfect choice when you don’t have time or energy to be choosy.

Your gift recipient will be pleased to clean out their underwear drawer. More than that, they’ll feel their inner “Warrior” in a pair of beautiful, functional, “no-wedgie” comfortable, and pantyline-free underwear. 

And did we mention our Perfect Fit Guarantee? This is more than an intervention, this is gift perfection! 

Thinking Bath Bombs, Slippers or an Espresso Machine? STOP!!!

Sure, you can gift away like crazy with yet more bath bombs or another pair of slippers (really, how many can one person own?!). Go crazy with an espresso machine with 3-way solenoid valves and super duper steam wand.

Or maybe, just maybe, blow their minds with something sure to make your mother, mother-in-law, sister, best girl friend or anyone who fancies panties, smile every time.

We’re talking customized and personalized panties. Nothing gets more personal than personalized panties!

Our smart Sayings underwear lets you choose from a peace symbol, gold heart, and more. In our online Uwila Warrior Customization Workshop you can customize and personalize your gift 24-7 with a holiday Ho-Ho-Ho and Snowflake (or a little more naughty, Give Em Hell). 

You can also design your underwear gift with a two-letter monogram. Beyond classic--and personal--initials, our elves throw out for your consideration: YO, UP, NO, ME, MY, GO, and HI. (Hint, there’s nearly 100 more, and a couple of rascally ones, but we’re not going there.) 

Go crazy, it’s your workshop.

Even Santa Likes Gift Cards

Hey, he gets it, and we get it. Sometimes you don’t know someone’s size. You don’t know their travel plans. It’s midnight and you're still in the basement wrapping. Simple. Just send a gift card (in increments of $25 on up to $500). 

Best news of all? Your gift will be delivered by email! No porch-poaching delivery worries. And zero extra processing fees! The gift of choice is such a nice touch. Get shopping!

December 03, 2020

Perfect Fit Promise

We also offer a Perfect Fit Promise so we can make sure your underwear fits like a glove. If you don’t love your first pair of Uwila Warrior underwear, we’ll send you a different size or style of a similar price point, free of charge. Plus, you can keep your first pair.