As the mom of twin toddlers and a content marketing expert at the Reese Witherspoon-founded media company Hello Sunshine, Alyssa Duffy has her hands literally and figuratively full. Oh, and did we mention she’s also a lifestyle and fashion content creator, sharing outfits, interior design inspo, and her daily life in the family’s “new-ish” city, Nashville? (If you aren’t already, hit that follow button on @alisted!)


Though there’s never a dull moment in her home or work life, Alyssa isn’t one for Sunday Scaries; in fact, she looks forward to Mondays—and she has a pretty great reason why. Ahead, find out why she looks forward to kicking off her work week, how she rediscovered her love for movement and getting dressed, and more in our latest Day in Brief.

Uwila Warrior: What is your favorite day of the week?

Alyssa Duffy: Saturday and Monday.

UW: How are those day different from the others?

Alyssa: OK, hear me out—I know I picked two days! But as a working mom, I just can't pick one. I absolutely love Saturdays, because I get to spend the day with my husband and our twins, Felix and Penelope. It's our day to do toddler-friendly activities as a family, and then my husband and I will go on a date a couple times a month. I'd be lying though if I didn't admit that I love Mondays for the return to routine, adult conversations and going to the restroom alone.

UW: How does the day start for you?

Alyssa: On Saturday mornings we wake up around 7, and it's a toss-up on whether we'll find the twins in their beds or playing with toys in their room. We recently transitioned them to toddler beds, and let's just say, it's been a journey. Then we have cinnamon rolls (a Saturday morning treat!) and go to their tumbling class. It's so nice to have a family activity to kick off the weekends. On Mondays, I wake up between 5-5:30 to get in a DanceBody or ForwardSpace dance cardio class before everyone else is awake in my house. I started doing this within the last couple of months, and it's truly game-changing (if absolutely brutal!). Then we get the kids up, get them dressed, and do breakfast before I do drop-off at their school. On the way, I turn the car into a wellness mobile by taking my Cymbiotika supplements and using my Skinny Confidential ice roller. I always look forward to grabbing an iced coffee on the way home, and then dive into my work for the day.

UW: What about the afternoon?

Alyssa: Weekend afternoons are all about more kids' activities—from going to the park to setting up crafts to meeting up with friends for play dates. Sometimes I feel like a camp counselor, but I love it. On Mondays, the afternoons are usually about working through my content creation to-do list for work, but I really love what I do so being back at work always feels exciting.

UW: What does a perfect evening for you look like?

Alyssa: My ideal Saturday night is a date night with my husband. I love getting all dressed up (I'll find any excuse!) and trying new restaurants in Nashville. On Mondays, I love getting in bed early between 8-8:30, watching something comedic on TV or reading a fiction book, and having a Beam CBD tea. It tastes like dessert and makes me sleep like a baby!

UW: What habits or moments during the day give you strength?

Alyssa: Prioritizing time for myself to work out and actually get dressed in an outfit makes me feel like a new woman. In recent years, I'd admittedly let these two habits slide, and putting together creative outfits has been a passion of mine since I was a toddler myself. After a couple months of pushing myself to get up early to make time for moving and getting dressed, I feel such a difference in my overall mood.

UW: How do you power down at night?

Alyssa: There are so many ways I like to unwind—from hanging out with my husband or meeting up with girlfriends to doing the long version of my skincare routine or reading a great book. I'd be lying if I said I didn't like a good TikTok scroll too!

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