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How To Buy Underwear That Won’t Give You A Wedgie

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How To Buy Underwear That Won’t Give You A Wedgie


First and foremost, if your underwear is old (like over 2 years old), it's possible to cause wedgies. Believe it or not, a lot of fabrics will over time loose their elasticity and recovery, which makes them loose their shape. Once they are worn out, the fit is all kinds of “effed up” and it tends to bunch up in areas where it shouldn't. Just like the elastic straps of a 4 year old Victoria’s Secret bra you got at the semi-annual sale, over time, you know it's towards the end of its life. 

So how do you combat this? Invest in the right kind of underwear that won't stretch out of lose its shape after 2 years! Enter, Uwila Wrarior. 

Find out how to find the right kind of underwear that will guarantee you don’t get a single wedgie and avoid re-adjusting all day long.


It’s Important The Cut On The Rear Be Generous

The style and cut of the underwear could cause wedgies. Look for a more ‘boy-short’ vibe, or a pair that sits low on the hips and cups the bum, in comparison to a bikini which is going to ride up a lot more easily.

Uwila Warrior underwear is cut specifically so that it is ‘wider’ (in terms of measurements), with generous leg openings that are not tight at all. Because this is not typical of the average underwear, it will lay flatter and smoother on the body – without too much pulling and pitching (cough cough, how you get wedgies!)


How To Buy Underwear That Won’t Give You A Wedgie


Look For A Fabric With Stretch

In general, synthetic fabrics have less issue with bunching than the ever popular cotton undies. Why? Because there is more of an inherent stretch to the synthetic fabric, it has a better recovery. You will completely avoid wedgies if you go with a synthetic, more flexible fabric because the fabric will move and flex with the movement of your body. Funny enough, the stretch and recovery also help to prevent the opposite effect – sagging!

As for a natural fabric alternative, interlock silk fabric also provides a stretch and some recovery.  


Check The Sizing!

When underwear fits too small, it is pulled too tightly across your body, and then everything tends to shift more with any slight movement, creating uncomfortable bunching and riding, and ultimately, what you have come to know as a wedgie. Therefore, it is incredibly important that you are purchasing the right size, because ill-fitting underwear is the #1 cause of wedgies. So, you may need to size up to eliminate the wedgie effect.

You wouldn’t buy a pair of Loubitons without first checking out a size chart, so why would you not do the same for your underwear? Just like every footwear brand has a different fit, every lingerie brand does as well.

We love Uwila Warrior’s undies because they come with the 'Perfect Fit Guarantee', and truly practice what they preach in that the correct fit will make the biggest difference in deflecting wedgies. They are so committed to making sure that you never have to deal with a wedgie while wearing their underwear again that they will make sure you get the perfect fit.

In the end, buying a pair of underwear that won’t give you wedgies is all up to you. Make sure to check the sizing charts, look for a synthetic fabric that will move with you, and look for a generous cut. I mean, the most common reason wedgies occur is because the underwear is old, so treat yourself with a new pair of comfy undies from Uwila Warrior and completely avoid ever having a wedgie again. 



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