What Every Woman Thinks When She Looks In Her Closet

Have you ever met a woman who loves all her clothes—every last top, skirt, dress, sock, and underwear? Probably not, because if there’s one thing us ladies share in common, it’s the fact that we’re never completely satisfied with our closet…no matter how often we hit the shops.

Just the other day, we saw something hilarious about this on Instagram. Do you follow Uwila Warrior on InstagramSomeone posted a pic that said “My room was clean until I had to find an outfit.” Isn’t that the truth?

So just for fun, we put together a list of a few other things every woman has definitely said at some point when she looks at her clothing options. Any of these sound familiar?

  • “I hate all my clothes.”
  • “Omg, I bought this? Why? When?”
  • (Pssst: Uwila Warrior has a Perfect Fit Guarantee… just saying!)
  • “Mmm I haven’t worn this in 9 years but maybe I will soon?”
  • “Did I wear this already this week? What did I wear yesterday?”
  • “Do I feel like finally ironing this today? No.”
  • “Why do I still own thongs?”
  • (FYI: UW’s seamless undies are basically invisible.)
  • “Please tell me I have one more pair of undies not in the laundry. Found one!”
  • “I’m not going. I have nothing to wear.”
  • “Yikes, I need new underwear ASAP.”
  • “That’s it. I’m going shopping.”

And on that note, you’ve earned the right to a new haul. Especially if all of these ring true! Check out Uwila Warrior’s Days of the Week underwear and make your Monday-through-Friday mornings a little bit easier.

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March 05, 2018

Perfect Fit Promise

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