Uncomfortable shifts. Awkward bunching. Discreet wedgie pulls. If you’ve worked out in uncomfortable underwear, this probably sounds familiar.  But fear not! You can say goodbye to those workout wedgies and enjoy a new era of comfort in your activewear. Below we’re sharing no wedgie underwear picks, ideas for what underwear to wear with leggings, and the best moisture-wicking options for those sweaty sessions.

How to Choose the Best Workout Underwear

1. Kick Old Underwear to the Curb 

If getting in shape is one of your goals, your top drawer needs to get in shape, too. Fabrics lose their elasticity over time, leading to unwanted shifts and bunching – the perfect recipe for workout wedgies. Take a good look at your collection and toss any undergarments causing you grief. Quality matters, and investing in durable materials also ensures a longer lifespan for your activewear essentials.


The cut and style of your underwear also plays a pivotal role in your workout comfort. Here at Uwila Warrior, we purposefully design our briefs with generous leg openings that eliminate the need for constant adjustments. With our thong, we have also eliminated the back crotch seam, so there is nothing to dig in back there. Our underwear also has a natural fiber lining at the crotch that is heat bonded on all four edges. This means it lays flat and doesn't rub or irritate, for added comfort in a sensitive area. 

2. Battle Sweat and Panty Lines With the Right Fabrics 

Moisture-wicking underwear is a game-changer during intense workouts. Silk, despite not being an obvious active-wear material, excels at locking in moisture without feeling wet. Given the natural moisture-wicking properties of silk, our silk collection has also been a real game-changer for those who battle yeast infections or need some serious moisture control. It's like nature's own secret weapon against sweat. You can now choose between our silk briefs and silk thongs


If you’re wearing leggings, our seamless underwear is also your ally in the battle against visible panty lines. Uwila Warrior's VIP Thong and Happy Seams briefs, with laser-cut edges, each ensure a smooth appearance under clothing without sacrificing comfort. Pain should never be part of your workout, and these high-quality options guarantee a friction-free experience.

3. Seize the Right Size

Size matters, especially when it comes to workout underwear. Ill-fitting undergarments can lead to discomfort and hygiene issues. Uwila Warrior's Perfect Fit Promise takes the guesswork out of sizing – if your first pair isn't a perfect match, we'll send you a different size or style, free of charge. Your comfort is our priority, and we want you to exercise without the distraction of ill-fitting undies.


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Shop the Best No Wedgie Workout Underwear 

Uwila Warrior's commitment to quality, thoughtful design, and moisture-wicking fabrics ensures you can focus on your fitness journey without the distraction of uncomfortable underwear. Shop our favorites below.

Happy Seams, $38


Seamless underwear has no visible stitching, and thus no visible panty lines — perfect for leggings or yoga pants. At Uwila Warrior, we achieve this with laser cut edges, as opposed to traditional elastic or sewn edge leg openings. Made of a dreamy lightweight blend and with cotton gussets, they offer medium coverage and no visible panty lines. 

Soft Silks, $38 


Silk is the ultimate moisture-wicking fabric, even better than cotton. You need moisture wicking underwear if you sweat even just a little bit while traveling, exercising, cooking, working, walking, talking, Netflixing, or sleeping. So . . . basically, all the time. These gorgeous natural-fiber panties will also spare you visible panty lines.

VIP Thong, $22


Our thongs aren't just any thongs, they are VIPs — Very Important Panties. Made with a lightweight blend and cotton gusset for maximum hygiene, this thong is extra comfortable thanks to thermowelded side seams and removable tags.

Soft Silk Thong, $52


We made these silk thongs as pretty as it is comfortable thanks to stretch lace finishes at the waist and leg openings that won't pinch or pull. The mid-rise waist provides a bit more coverage in the front, while the breathable self-fabric silk gusset lining and tear-off label give it that totally-forgot-I’m-wearing-underwear feel you love from our Soft Silks.

January 23, 2024

Perfect Fit Promise

We also offer a Perfect Fit Promise so we can make sure your underwear fits like a glove. If you don’t love your first pair of Uwila Warrior underwear, we’ll send you a different size or style of a similar price point, free of charge. Plus, you can keep your first pair.