Post Pregnancy Luxury Guide: 12 Ways To Pamper Yourself


You did it. From the early-morning nausea to the leg cramping and muscle spasms, to the beautiful mess that childbirth actually is, you gave birth to a beautiful baby (or two, or maybe even three...) that you are now responsible for, for the rest of your life. Take a minute, reflect on the past nine months of childbearing, and reward yourself for a job well done with one of these favorite, tried and true luxurious ways to pamper your body, soul and mind post pregnancy.


1. Hire A Cleaning Service

When your little one arrives, the most basic tasks get left in the dust. And, really, we mean "get left in the dust," as in, you won't have time to even think about what you have to dust, let alone the other basic cleaning tasks you usually save for Sunday mornings. Save yourself the trouble and hire a cleaning service to come once a week (or every other week) to do the down and dirty tasks, like scrubbing the bathroom or windexing the window. Hire a cleaner to truly pamper yourself without even leaving the house.


2. Order That Top Of The Line Coffee Maker

Let's be honest for a second, we all know that you aren't going to be getting any sleep with a newborn. With that being said, you may as well treat yourself to a luxury, top of the line coffee maker. When you're up until all hours of the night soothing your new baby and getting no sleep, you'll thank me for a finally decent cup of Joe that you didn't have to go out and spend $4.79 on.


Post Pregnancy Luxury Guide: 12 Ways To Pamper Yourself  

3. Get Your Groceries, Diapers, and Formulas Delivered

This is another one of those everyday tasks that will seem like running an ultra-marathon once your mini-me is here. Save yourself the trouble and pre-order groceries, diapers, and formula to be delivered on a schedule that you determine. I mean, not having to get dressed to run to the store because your baby has on the last diaper in the entire house is definitely considered a luxury in every new Mom's eye.


4. Splurge On Designer Sweats And Comfy Clothes

You're not going to want to wear anything other than sweats, so at least do it in style. Spend a few more dollars on designer leggings and sweatshirts. You will definitely get your moneys worth from them (trust us on this one).

One of our fave brands for comfy clothes is Outdoor Voices. You'll find us lounging in these their clothes the second we walk through the door. 


5. Treat Yourself To Undies That Make You Feel Amazing

After going months of wearing the same, now completely stretched-out underwear and bras, it is time to invest in some new lingerie that makes you feel amazing. Nothing celebrates pushing a child out of your body and starting to return to your pre-pregnancy body like buying new underwear that is beautiful yet still practical. We love our underwear because not only are they luxuriously soft (yes, please) but they are multi-functional, sweat wicking (because we all know how hard it is to do anything with a new child), and are made of natural fabrics. Treat yo’self.


Post Pregnancy Luxury Guide: 12 Ways To Pamper Yourself


5 1/5. Find Undies That Cover Those Itchy C-Section Scars

Along those same lines, look for undies that go higher to cover those itchy C-section scars. There's nothing like finding a beautiful pair of nicely made underwear in fabric that feels soft to the touch. We highly recommend Uwila's Happy Seams or No Brainer for this since the cuts will perfectly fit over your scar. They'll make you breathe a big sigh of relief as soon as you put them on. 


6. Schedule A Full Body Massage

The amount of strain your body goes through during pregnancy is truly incomprehensible unless you have gone through it yourself. Book yourself an hour and a half full body massage and give your body the rub down that it deserves. I mean, you grew and gave birth to a living, human being. Your body deserves a break.


7. Mani & Pedi (Say Screw It And Add On The Extras)

Now that you are finally able to see and reach your feet, splurge on a mani & pedi with the works. Say yes to the add-on lavender scented scrub, go with the French manicure design, and definitely, definitely get that 10-minute back massage for the extra cash. You just pushed a baby out of your own body; your significant other will forgive you for splurging to truly have a luxurious experience.


8. Bubble Bath With Rose Petals And Candles

Take a time out to truly relax without leaving your home. And no, we’re not telling you to ask your husband, baby daddy or girlfriend to join you, because god only knows the last time you were truly alone, peaceful, and without worry. Set the mood for a ‘date’ with yourself, and you will leave feeling truly pampered.


9. Practice Restorative Yoga 

Postpartum yoga is amazing for regaining your strength, building strength and flexibility, and starting to accept your new body, which many new mothers struggle with after feeling the physical exhaustion from labor and coming to terms with their new scars, stretches, and shape. Restorative yoga is a unique practice to pamper yourself with, but just a few minutes a day can really help to reconnect your body to your mind, and speed up recovery. 

Check out Yoga Glo, a website that allows you to do yoga and meditation right from the comfort of your own home. It's affordable and has kickass classes with varying degrees of difficulty and time (since we all know you're limited on that these days). You can even find classes to do with your kids!


Post Pregnancy Luxury Guide: 12 Ways To Pamper Yourself

10. Try Aromatherapy

Breathe in those healing essential oils and unwind from the challenges you face as a new parent. Aromatherapy is known to relieve stress, act as an anti-depressant, and increase the rate of healing throughout the body, all benefits that any new mom would definitely find soothing.


11. Book A Night At A Fancy Hotel

Call in the reinforcements to watch your little one and book a room at a high-end hotel in your town. Get a full, uninterrupted nights sleep, and live a night of luxury. You deserve it. 


12. Post Pregnancy Belly Wrap

Most doulas swear by it, some doctors promote it, and almost every woman who has just given birth has thought about it. Treat yourself and purchase a post pregnancy belly wrap, belly binder, or belly band, as they are called interchangeably in stores and online. You’ll feel like a Kardashian while you’re wearing the compression wrap, and you will even help your uterus return to its original size more quickly than you would without it. If that’s not pampering yourself then I don’t know what is!


13. Schedule A Haircut And Color

The experts advise pregnant women not to cut or color your hair at all during pregnancy because not only is inhaling toxins harmful to both you and your baby, but some women experience major hair loss after giving birth. So why would you splurge on a hairstyle that is only going to drastically change after giving birth? Give yourself a hard earned “push present” and freshen up your highlights and hairstyle.


Post Pregnancy Luxury Guide: 12 Ways To Pamper Yourself


14. Give Red Light Therapy A Go

The benefits of red light therapy sessions range from collagen boosting (goodbye, wrinkles) to hair growth (hello, Rapunzel) but we love red light therapy for its ability to reduce stretch marks and help fade scars. Book yourself a session, or two (…or fifteen, we don’t judge) and magically reduce that C-section scar. With all of the benefits of going to the beach without the risk of developing skin cancer, this is a favorite way any new mom should pamper herself.


15. Book Yourself A Facial 

Feeling tense, especially in your jaw, or having tension headaches? Try a lymphatic massage facial. Looking to get a youthful glow and peel away layers of all-nighters with your new baby? Book yourself a microdermabrasion facial. Really just craving a day away from craziness of keeping a newborn child happy, nourished, and alive? Call your daily spa and book a classic facial, stat. Feeling rested and refreshed is worth every dollar, and every new mom deserves an hour break from her new duties.


Childbirth is miraculous, and you deserve your own little slice of heaven in the form of your favorite luxurious pastime after giving birth to your new ball of joy. Whether it is a half-hour at home bubble bath, a full on day at the spa complete with a mani-pedi and facial, or splurging on Uwila Warrior’s amazingly comfortable underwear, you truly, truly deserve every minute of it.



November 30, 2017

Perfect Fit Promise

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