20 Things To Finally Upgrade Once You Turn 30


Growing another year older can be daunting for any woman who is about to leave her 20's behind. Will it still be acceptable to binge-watch The Real Housewives? Definitely. Are you going to start sprouting grey hairs? Most likely. Are you THAT cat lady? I mean, if you have to ask, the answer is yes.

While turning 30 isn't really going to alter your life drastically in any way, you should still take this opportunity to leave old habits in your 20's. One way to do this is to take a look at your belongings and part ways with the miscellaneous, outdated items of your past 29 glorious years on this planet. Here is the ultimate guide to things to finally upgrade once you turn 30:


1. Your Underwear...Please!

Women shouldn’t have to twist their bodies and lifestyles into underwear that only fits sometimes, or is out-dated, uncomfortable, or ugly. Leave itchy tags or too-small thongs in your 20's, and start your 30's off right with underwear that is made specifically for women to enjoy and appreciate their bodies. You've spent your 20's learning to love your body, now use your 30's to treat it the way it should be, with luxurious silk and ornate lace. You'll love the sweat wicking technology and beautiful designs of Uwila Warrior's practical and comfy underwear.



20 Things To Finally Upgrade Once You Turn 30


 2. And While We're At It, Your Bras

See reasons above. Throw away the 3 bras you've had since you were 24, and splurge on well-fitting lingerie that makes you feel sexy throughout the day. You deserve it.


3. Your Travel Bags

If you are like any other woman, turning another decade older may seem daunting. But, with those feelings, you may also feel the urge to start living your life to the fullest. Throw away that random backpack you shove clothes into, and order some cute and durable travel bags and suitcases. Book those tickets to Europe, Bora Bora, or wherever your heart desires because there is no time like the present!

Our Recommendation: Away Travel Bags


4. Any Coffee Table Trinkets

Ditch the random free magazine and Chinese delivery menu and upgrade your coffee table readings. We know that you are brilliant, but this is your opportunity to truly convey your interests to your guests. Add in a living succulent or two and a larger crystal for a touch of trend to instantly show off your new, mature sense of decor (and show off the fact that you are now able to keep a plant alive!)

Our Recommendation: Jonathan Adler


5. Your Knowledge of Fine Wines

Gone are the days of $2 PBR's at the college dive bar. Grab your best friends and take a weekend to "wine" down (see what I did there?) and expand your knowledge of fine wines. Not only will you look impressive the next time you're at a fine dining restaurant and you can navigate the 30 page wine list, but your taste buds will thank you as well.

Our Recommendation: Windows On The World: Complete Wine Course by Kevin Zraly


20 Things To Finally Upgrade Once You Turn 30


6. Those Cheap Blazers You Never Wear

Your professional career is at an all time high, so why is your wardrobe still behind of the times? Take a couple of hours to sort through your work wear and toss any ill-fitting and out of style pieces. If you haven't worn it in the past three weeks, chances are you will never wear it again. Drop them off at Goodwill, and then take a well deserved shopping trip to update your business casual wardrobe.

Our Recommendation: Theory or The Row


7. Any Bags That Were Under $20

While I do not condone spending your entire life savings on an Hermes Vintage Berkin, your 30's are the perfect time to treat yourself to a nice, somewhat expensive bag. High end accessories make all the difference in how you feel and how you look, so use some of those hard-earned savings to upgrade your work bag or everyday bag to a high-quality tote you know you will use everyday.

Our Recommendation: Clare V


8. The Couch You Had Through College

It's been there for you through thick and thin, two ex-boyfriends, and one-too-many seasons of The Bachelor, but the time has come to toss that old college couch and upgrade to an adult approved living room set. No, it is not cheap, but new furniture is the perfect way to ring in your 30's with style and trick yourself into believing that you may be actually growing up.


20 Things To Finally Upgrade Once You Turn 30


9. The Classic Cheap Metal Bed Frame

Again, start your 30's off right and upgrade the bed frame you've had forever to something sturdier and more stylish. Invest in a headboard that displays your personality to turn your bedroom into a personal oasis.

Our Recommendation: Room & Board


10. Any Posters Or Wall Art Without Frames

I will also include any posters or wall art that are the mass-produced, classics - think Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe photos. Now that you have had your 20's to explore and have honed in on what your personal style is, start investing in and collecting pieces of art that speak to you and that you can display around your home. Not only are they great conversation pieces, but they will instantly upgrade your decor.


11. Your Plastic Dishware

Open your kitchen cabinets. Collect all plastic dishware. Throw it in the trash. Now that we have a clean slate, start your 30's off right with a set of matching dishware. Not only does it scream "I am no longer 20," but it will make you feel that much more in control of your day-to-day life, and your destiny.


20 Things To Finally Upgrade Once You Turn 30


12. Body-Con Dresses

Trade in those skin-tight body-cons for less-revealing, but still just as sexy, cocktail dresses. Invest in a few in neutral colors and timeless styles that would look great for all occasions so you are prepared to turn heads at all events from weddings, to work functions, to dinners with the future in-laws.


13. That Futon You Just Can't Get Rid Of

This is your friendly reminder that now that you are entering into the prime of your young adult and young professional life, you should probably find a dumpster for that futon your older brother handed down to you for your first apartment 7 years ago. Instead, upgrade to a classy daybed, complete with white sheets and colorful printed throw pillows.


14. Cheap Jewelry That Turns Your Skin Green

Nobody wants to be "that colleague" that wears rings that make your skin turn green or necklaces that give you a rash. Before your 30th, take a minute to throw out any jewelry that you may have bought on a whim, and upgrade to a few nice accessories you can wear with any outfit, including real diamond studs and a sleek watch.


15. Your "Bar"

If you're still serving your girls Andre Brut champagne for special occasions, it's definitely time to upgrade. Trade in the cheap vodka for the crowd favorite Titos, and stock your bar with two different brands of each type of alcohol (gin, vodka, whiskey, tequila, rum) and the tried and true mixers to make the classics. Your guests will thank you, and you may even develop the reputation as the "hostess with the mostest!"

Our Recommendation: Gooseneck Vineyards


16. Your Bed Sheets

Make sleeping in until 9 AM on Saturdays, crying over your more recent ex, and The Real Housewives binging that much more "socially acceptable" by upgrading your worn-out bedding to a luxurious silk sheet set. Thank us later.

Our Recommendation: Thomas Lee


20 Things To Finally Upgrade Once You Turn 30


17. The "I Definitely Used A Fake ID To Get In Here" Heels

I know you have a pair. You know you have a pair. Before you turn 30, please do everyone a favor and trade in those cheap club heels from your college glory days to a pair of classic, black stilettos. They still scream sex appeal, but in a more mature, classy way.


18. Those $10 Pair of Sunglasses

Not knocking cheap sunnies because we all know how hard it is to not lose sunglasses, but invest in a pair of polarized, moderately expensive sunglasses. Not only will they actually protect your eyesight from the harmful effects of UV light, but they will upgrade any brunch outfit instantly.


19. Plastic Outdoor Furniture

By 30, the average woman will have saved enough money between the $12 avocado toasts and overly-priced iced coffees of her 20's to invest in a nice outdoor furtniture set. If you are still having your Sunday fun-days in your backyard on $10 plastic chairs from Walmart, there is no better time than the present to trade them in for an adult approved patio set.


20. Serving Dishes, Trays, and Platters

Leave behind half-baked cookies on plastic trays from the dollar store in your 20's, and impress even the best cooks of your group with fine serving trays, and various platters...They might even be so impressed with your matching dish shet that they won't even notice that you plated and served hot food from Whole Foods!


So ladies, let's recap. Ditch the plastic plates, cheap jewelry, shoes, and clothes, and please find the nearest dumpster and throw that futon from your college glory days in it as soon as humanly possible. While you're online shopping for all of your new replacements (we know you already created a new "Outdoor Living Space" board on Pinterest) make sure to check out Uwila Warriors collection of luxurious and comfortable underwear, and pour yourself a nice glass of red to celebrate. Here's to being 30, flirty, and thriving! 

November 30, 2017

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