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There’s something really cool happening among female shoppers in recent times. We’re doing more research. We’re asking more questions. We’re demanding transparency. As a woman-founded, woman-run company, Uwila Warrior is no stranger to this shift in the retail shopping experience. We’re all women here at Uwila Warrior, who strategize and create underwear and camisoles for today’s on-the-go fierce females—and that includes us. That’s why providing fabric education to our customers has always been a core value of ours. We want you to know exactly what makes our undies different, what gussets are, why they’re priced the way they are, and what goes into the making of them. You keep being honest with us, and we’ll keep being honest with you. Deal?

So let’s talk… thongs.

We couldn’t be more excited to introduce to you UW’s first, the VIP Thong. A “Very Important Panty,” it’s available now in a variety of skin tonal colors and the one thing every woman needs in her underwear arsenal. Here’s what we’d love for you to know about it.

what makes a thong comfortable

The VIP Thong is Produced With Sleek Thermowelding Technology

In case you didn’t read our blog post on thermowelding, here’s the skinny: Thermowelding, also known in the fashion industry as “heat bonding,” consists of using bonding machines to develop seams with a very thin tape—which creates an adhesion under high temperatures. It forgoes traditional sewing methods and is much more innovative, in that it constructs a piece of clothing (underwear, in this instance) with smooth seams. You won’t feel any bumpy, itchy stitching digging into your skin along the seams of the undies, making our VIP Thong pretty much the most comfortable thong on the market. (But you have to see for yourself.) We love thermowelding technology so much, that it’s used to produce a lot of UW’s underwear. And bonus: the machines we use are environmentally efficient.

It Features a Tagless Design

We’re not big on tags. They’re irritating, they pop out, and they’re kind of pointless; your kids’ daycare may require you to label every single clothing tag with their full name, but you really don’t need them on your attire. If you agree, you’ll love this: the VIP Thong has a perforated tag that can very easily be removed. No scissors necessary, no harsh tugging (which almost always rips your garment, right?!)—simply tear along the perforation and it’s gone for good. If you ever need to refer back to the care instructions, they’re on our thong product pages.

The Ultralight Fabric is Undetectable Under Your Clothes

Maybe you’re one of those ladies who wears a thong every day. Or maybe, you haven’t worn one since your college days and you’re not yet convinced the VIP can change your M.O. Either way, you should know this: there are a lot of uncomfortable thongs out there, so we made one that’s not. The fabric is the same as our ultralight, sweat-wicking Happy Seams fabric, which magically doesn’t dig into the crevices of your body. It sort of feels like… nothing. The cotton-lined gusset is perfect for working out, and the blended fabric feels like silk. It also comes in neutral colors including smoke grey, toffee, and tap shoe black, so it really is virtually invisible against your skin.

The Laser Cut Edges Are Unbeatable

Truly seamless and stitchless, the way these VIP Thongs are produced leads to underwear that lays flat on your body—like we said, no digging, and absolutely no panty lines. And that’s probably the best part: it doesn’t matter if you’re off to yoga, an important meeting at work, lunch with the girls, the playground with the kids, or dinner with your date—you can rest assured knowing that no one will see your thong lines regardless of what you’re wearing over them thanks to the laser-cut edges. We could continue to wax poetic about the VIP Thong in all its amazingly comfortable glory, but nothing compares to trying it for yourself. We bet you’ll be a believer in no time.

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September 20, 2018

Perfect Fit Promise

We also offer a Perfect Fit Promise so we can make sure your underwear fits like a glove. If you don’t love your first pair of Uwila Warrior underwear, we’ll send you a different size or style of a similar price point, free of charge. Plus, you can keep your first pair.