The Absolute Best Ways to Clean Out & Organize Your Bra & Underwear Drawer


Take a second to picture your dresser drawer that houses all your bras and underwear. Is it messy? Overflowing? All mixed up? If you’re nodding your head, you’re about to live a different life, girl. And it’s going to be so much more fabulous and convenient.

Just as much as you should expect your lingerie to take super good care of you, you’ve got to take excellent care of them. Not only will cleaning out and organizing your bra and underwear drawer help your pieces last longer and support you better, your morning routine will speed up and you’ll get more bang for your buck. In other words, you’ll actually wear everything you buy. Ready to dive in?

We asked the pros to give us their best tips.

  1. Scrutinize your undergarments for wear.

    “Anything that is getting stretched or worn needs to be replaced,” says Patty Soltis, founder & CEO of STYLEdge®, image consultants for alpha professionals. “When your undergarments become worn, they are no longer effective. It is a well known statistic that 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. When all of sudden, they are in the right size, their posture improves and they feel better.  That happiness and feeling of comfort radiates outward. After being fitted in the correct size, people may even ask if you have been working out or lost weight, or try to figure out what is different.” That goes for undies too—nothing is more annoying than panties that don’t fit, move around, or pinch, she says.
  1. Get rid of what you just don’t like.

    Dump all your underwear and bras onto your bed, and toss out anything you do not wear. “We all have at least one pair we would be mortified to be caught wearing,” says Felice Cohen, professional organizer, speaker, author of 90 Lessons for Living Large in 90 Square Feet (...or more). “We do this to ‘separate the wheat from the chaff.’ Getting rid of what we don't wear, need, or want makes room for the things we do like and makes it easier to keep our drawer neater.”
  1. Go shopping.

    When it comes to underwear, I say ‘do laundry less often, own more underwear,” Felice told us. “Ask yourself how often you actually see the bottom of your underwear drawer. If never, then chances are good you have too many, or maybe you do laundry too often.” Just make you have different underwear for different occasions—sexy, thong, no seams, etc., she says. As for bras, think about your wardrobe. “Wear a lot of white shirts? Then you'll need more beige bras. A few sexy ones are good, one or two in colors you need is fine. Do you really need more than a dozen?” Sports bras are a separate category and that depends on how often you work out, she adds. “They can lose their support if you wash them enough, and when that happens, toss ASAP. No support is no good.”
  1. Categorize like a champ.

    Like all of your attire, sort them by category then by color and store them that way, advises Patty. “For example, separate briefs from thongs, then colorize them. Do the same thing with your bras. For the multi-color bras, stack them with the lightest at the bottom and the darker colors on top.  The reason for this is that the darker colors will blend in to the depth of the drawer.”
  1. Store them the right way.

    Both of our pros agreed: yes, you can store your bras and undies in the same wide flat drawer, as long as they fit nicely and aren’t squished together. Patty suggests storing all bras flat to add longevity. “Dividers can work wonders in drawers and help keep everything separated and neat. We wear what we see, not what we do not.” she adds.

One last tip

Clean out that drawer as often as that drawer gets messy. “Every day we are in that drawer removing items,” says Felice. “We may put bras back at night, but underwear usually goes back all together after laundry. If you take the few seconds to fold and put it away neatly after laundry, then you might not have to clean out the drawer that often. And if you're too tired to put your bras and underwear away neatly, don't do it. Wait until you've got the few seconds to do it right.”

Who’s up for some underwear shopping? Every organized drawer needs these pairs.

July 20, 2018

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