The joke was on us...

This past Memorial Day weekend Uwila Warrior sponsored Figawi, an annual charity event and Regatta from Hyannis to Nantucket.  We also sponsored Figawi last year, where Uwila's all star team of interns skippered our sponsorship, driving solid sales and educating potential customers about Uwila Warrior at the Sunday morning sponsorship sales event.  It was a no brainer to return again this year... and this year, I would go to see what Figawi was all about.

Figawi hosts a two hour joke session on the Sunday, prior to the sponsorship sales event where vendors can give away samples and even sell their products.  This year vendors were instructed to setup ahead of the joke session and that sales would commence immediately after the joke event ended.  It was then we realized the joke was on us. Literally.  

These jokes were not clever, quick-witted roasts, but rather dirty jokes.  They were crude,  sexist, offensive, demeaning "jokes" with the intent of besting the previous fella.  No wonder cameras and recordings were not allowed, as the joke tellers knew the consequences to their careers and personal relationships outside of their sailor brotherhood should their public world learn of their perverse sense of humor.  

Cloaked in an "honor of tradition", Figawi provided a stage where man after man stood up and showed us how they really think about women.  This event's "humor" is a root cause of societal numbness towards women and towards sexual violence that presents in our subconscious.  I am shocked that this tone deaf type of gathering exists today.  

Ill-humor, like Figawi's joke session, is not in keeping with Uwila Warrior's aspirations for women, our brand, and for anyone who works on our team.   I apologize to our interns who were subjected to this distasteful experience. Please know, we will not be sponsors Figawi in the future.


Lisa Mullan 
CEO, Uwila Warrior

May 31, 2018

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