To the beautiful and strong women who illuminate our world every day, there’s finally a pair of underwear that shines as bright as you. Every woman needs at least one pair of these glow in the dark underwear from Uwila Warrior. Keep reading to find out why. From one of a kind embellishments to invisible seams, allow us to introduce you to your new favorite pair. 


For The Women Who Shine: This Pair Of Underwear Is A Must-Have

Aside from the fact that our glow in the dark underwear makes dressing and undressing twice as fun (but seriously, you’ll want to stare at yourself in the mirror, lights off, for hours) there are a few more practical reasons why we think you’ll fall in love at first wear.


Custom Italian Lace

You deserve the luxury of Italian made underwear. Adorned with elegant Italian lace details, these cheeky panties will have their own special place in your top drawer, reserved for those nights when you just need to treat yourself. It really doesn’t get any better than a delicate, custom-designed lace applique to make you feel like a queen.

Uwila Warrior Glow In The Dark Luxury Women's Underwear

Special Sea Creature Embellishments

There are so many fish in the sea, but you’ll stand out from the crowd with these panties that are unique as you are. Make a statement with the embellishments of nature’s most beautiful creations in sea life. Stitched on a serene cool gray background, these glow in the dark underwear will make you feel as beautiful and unique as you truly are.


Designed To Make You Glow

Show off your best assets with brilliant stitching that uses advanced glow in the dark technology. These fluorescent threads contain an active glowing agent that charge when exposed to light, and glow a brilliant shade of green in the dark. And don’t be afraid when it comes to washing them - these hi-tech threads aren’t damaged by water.


Perfect For Every Occasion 

As if these panties couldn’t get any better, we made them seamless with state of the art laser cutting, so you can wear them with any outfit, on any occasion. Whether it’s at cocktail hour, or snuggling up on the couch at home, you can do it all in the comfort of these ultra-soft panties with no worries of visible panty lines.

Our secret to getting these cheeky panties so soft involves using a synthetic blend of lightweight polyester and polyurethane fabrics that is made to feel just like silk. And with elastic-free technology on the waistband, you might even forget you’re wearing them.

If you’re a bold and daring trendsetter, you’ll be dying to tell your closest gal pals about these. And if you’re trying to step outside of your comfort zone and be a little more adventurous, we dare you to be the first of your friends to go for the glow. Either way, our glow in the dark underwear is the perfect way to add some fun to your top drawer.

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April 04, 2017

Perfect Fit Promise

We also offer a Perfect Fit Promise so we can make sure your underwear fits like a glove. If you don’t love your first pair of Uwila Warrior underwear, we’ll send you a different size or style of a similar price point, free of charge. Plus, you can keep your first pair.