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Loving Yourself: The Value of Sexy Underwear

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If you are a woman reading this, we don’t have to tell you how challenging it can be to simply just be a woman.

The Struggle is Real...

Too often we are taught that we must be beautiful, thin, smart and quiet—but not too beautiful, too thin, too smart, or too quiet. Don’t get us wrong, being pretty, smart, quiet or thin is not a bad thing—the “bad” just comes in when we try to make ourselves into things that we are not forgoing the wonderful, messy things that we are by trying to fit into a mold someone else made for us. 

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Thankfully, most of us have lived to see great strides of female empowerment that have encouraged women to break free of these expectations—particularly the pieces of the movement encouraging the idea of self-love.

We’ve all heard the slogans and had friends or spokespeople tell us that “we’re all beautiful,” that we should love ourselves, and that we are perfect just the way we are. There is truth to this, of course. There is beauty to be found in every woman and we should love ourselves! But here at Uwila, we feel like these mottos, as well-intentioned as they are, don’t cut it. Even when people tell us we’re beautiful and valuable, it can still be hard to believe and internalize.

What does that have to do sexy underwear? Simply put: everything.

...but so is the solution!

One of the most important moments in a woman’s life is when she realizes that the only person she has to answer to for her confidence is herself. Not her husband, her girlfriend, a stranger on the street, her mother, or a model in a magazine; just herself, and only herself.

Few things in life are more intimate than underwear—which makes it the perfect avenue for taking initiative to love yourself. Underwear gives a woman a chance to stand in front of a mirror and say, “Hell yeah. I am beautiful” without a show or the intent to impress anyone. A woman who values herself doesn’t wear sexy undies for anyone but herself—at least, most of the time! (and never because she doesn't already want to). 

Uwila Warrior Black Lace Undies

And yet, feeling good in sexy undies is just as important when you’ve got clothes on, too. Knowing you’ve got something special on underneath is an instant pick-me-up; a spicy little secret with yourself. When you know you’ve got a rough day ahead, throwing on your favorite lacy pair of undies, striking a pose in the mirror, and going about your day can help—just that special knowledge of knowing that you look damn good (almost) naked.

Simply put: sexy undies are an investment in yourself. Your value as a woman doesn’t depend on them, but they are certainly an easy and fun way to give yourself a boost. So, find your favorite pair and rock ‘em whether anyone but you knows they’re there or not. 

And if you’re in need of sexy undies, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

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Words By: Katey L.

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